NaBloPoMo Day 7 – So, did you hear the US had an election yesterday?

I forget that the rest of the world cares about our (as in the USA’s) elections until I drive to German class in the morning and every news item (in German, of course) is talking about Barack  Obama winning the election.  And I forget they care about our leaders until I sit with my fellow band members around a table in the bar and hear them discussing the US’s politics.  In my brain they are separate and it doesn’t automatically compute that they would care about what happens.  And then I think a little more, and remember I’m not the center of the universe, and it makes sense they would (1) know what is going on and (2) care about it.

I almost didn’t get to vote this election. Something about Arizona’s procedures for overseas citizens’ absentee ballots.  I had to register with 2 different things besides the regular request for absentee ballot to get it.  And I was barely able to do it in time.  Thanks all go to LOML who so graciously printed out my ballot, met me at the lunch place 3 villages over and then scanned and emailed my complete ballot so I could upload it to AZ’s website.

Thanks, LOML! I love you.

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