NaBloPoMo Day 8 – Memories in my Brain and other random happenings + 2 photos of the girls!!

Does your brain remember some of the strangest things like mine does? Like what I wore on Valentine’s Day in 2nd grade, when I walked into a door and my tooth fell out into my palm, wacky clothes day in 3rd grade, making paper hats in 4th grade and having a boy in my class start singing a song to himself, the pain felt when I screwed something up at work that was small, the feel of the sidewalk extensions at my childhood home on my bare feet, escaping the rest of the family to enjoy the multi-colored rosebush on the side of the house. Crazy random stuff.  Why does one’s brain remember and elevate some memories, but dims others?


Big Ive is starting to talk in more full sentences with 5 or more words. I’m working with her to use nice asking words when she wants something.  “I would like…” “Will you…” “Can you…” Instead of “I want…” “Get me…” It’s a work in progress.


I like to double space between sentences. In my blog it messes with the code to do a double space so I’m learning to single space. This is important when I import the text and photos to a document to edit and print. Anyone else a double spacer? It’s what I was taught was the ‘correct’ way to type. Researching this a bit (yes, I did actually research this some) there are different standards and acceptances.


I’m hopeful to learn to speak and write German mostly fluently, but I’m scared at the same time. It’s the perfectionist in me not wanting to screw anything up ever.


Along those same lines I am afraid to put a bucket list down on paper for fear that I won’t be able to check everything off.


Who can resist a photo of a baby sleeping sitting up in a wagon on a beautiful fall afternoon?


And her big sister whose hair color expertly matches the fall leaves.

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3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 8 – Memories in my Brain and other random happenings + 2 photos of the girls!!

  1. Definitely one. Two spaces made sense on monospaced typewriters, to make it easier to see a separation between sentences. And I still double space on my typewriters (I have 3). But not when “keyboarding” (ugh, an ugly term). It was a conscious and deliberate change of habit.

  2. Claudia says:

    I learned double space and so it’s automatic. I like the way it looks anyhow.

    &About the list, I think that’s the point of sharing: making yourself accountable to others for completing it. I personally don’t need accountability (plus some items I’d rather keep private less they lose the purpose they were intended) so instead I plan on sharing when I complete some of them. Just a thought :)

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