NaBloPoMo Day 10 – Sankt Martins Tag PHOTOS

As promised, some photos from last night.  It was dark so they’re not very good, but you get an idea of what went on.

We started at the church at 6pm.  They had a small service and the Kindergarteners began it with a processional while singing a Saint Martin song. They did a small play at the front acting out the story of St. Martin and the homeless person. Then the pastor gave a short talk to the kids with the aid of a crow puppet.  More singing and then we started our walk outside.

She insisted on wearing her red Kindergarten ball cap and refused to take it off inside the church for the service.

Big Ive was hesitant to join her friends from school.  I had to wake her from her nap so we could make it to the church on time. After a few minutes and many reassurances that I would still be right there she took the hand of one of her teachers. Between trading off wrangling duties with LOML for Little E I noticed she didn’t leave the side of a teacher the entire time she was in the front of the church. She did, however, manage to drop the little LED puck light that lighted her lantern on the stone floor and broke it during the service. I swapped it for Little E’s and LOML managed to get it working so Little E’s lantern was lit up, too.

Blurry shot in the dark, but you can see a couple of the children’s lanterns lit up. Big Ive is wearing a reflective safety vest that they handed out to all of the Kindergarteners. I routinely see kids wearing these vests when they walk to school in the mornings.

You can’t tell, but Big Ive’s lantern is in the shape of a mushroom. White body and red top complete with googly eyes. One of which was picked off before we even entered the church.

We walked a short loop around part of the village stopping to sing the Saint Martin song a few times and ended at the Dorfplatz. Here they sold bratwurst (of course), some beef and mushroom tasty stuff and drinks. Since it’s now cold out the preferred adult beverage is Glühwein. They usually have a Kinder version of the Glühwein, which is just a warm apple cider punch type drink.

It was nice that it wasn’t terribly cold. LOML and I enjoyed our time there. But, it is always stressful bringing both girls in public and even more so when it’s dark and getting closer to their bedtime. They did end up melting down so LOML made a quick retreat while I headed off to band practice. The village band played a short set. I didn’t play so I could help LOML wrangle the kids.

Fun night. Fun German tradition we were able to participate in.

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