NaBloPoMo Day 11 – A couple of Big Ive isms

You build a pretty good tower, Dad.

I thought that was a pretty good sentence from her mouth.

Also, when I try to speak German to her she usually tells me, “Nein! Don’t say that, Mommy!” Like German words do not belong to me, they are for her teachers and friends. English words are for mom and dad only.

Since I’ve been having to get ready a little bit earlier than normal, and get the kids out the door earlier, Big Ive has been going to bed earlier (and waking earlier which is not nice). She usually gets to a point at about 8pm where she’s about to fall asleep sitting/standing in the living room and begs us to take her to bed.

Also, I made beef and black bean enchiladas for supper tonight from yesterday’s leftover pot roast. Yum. It’s been a while since we’ve had beef enchiladas (we eat more pork roasts than beef here). Definitely a taste of home. AND, both kids ate a good portion of it, which was a nice change.

One more thing about Little E. I asked her to say a bunch of words today and she parroted them back to me really well. It was so cool. I’m still in awe that my 15 month old baby is talking so well.

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