NaBloPoMo Day 12 – Some of my thoughts

  • Does it count as a blog post if I password protect it and no one else can read it?
  • It is really hard to get out of the house before 7:30 in the morning with 2 toddlers. Even if I have bags and snack packed the night before and clothes picked out and get myself ready before they wake it somehow happens that they make me late every day to German class. Big Ive goes to the Kindergarten in our village. Little E gets dropped off at the babysitter in the next village over.
  • This desert girl is definitely NOT used to scraping ice from windshields in the mornings. How many days a year does that happen in Phoenix? Like, 4?
  • I felt proud of myself when I understood the directions on the German boxed cake mix.
  • In all of 2012 I have had my hair cut only once when my mom was here visiting in June. It’s not that I’m afraid to see a stylist in Germany, it’s the childcare issue. If I schedule it during the week I need someone to watch both girls. If I schedule it on a Saturday when LOML is around to watch the girls I miss out on time with LOML. No win either way.
  • My mouth is still watering over the beef enchiladas I made last night.  Too bad it used my last cans of green enchilada sauce and diced green chilies… I will have to see if someone would be willing to gift me with some more.
  • Does anyone else have problems with spelling the word ‘chili’ and its plural ‘chilies’? Probably just my problem. I always want to put 2 Ls in the word.
  • The switch of comma and period for numbers here in Europe still throws me off every time I see it. Also, I did not know that our division sign was different. Shouldn’t these things just be all the same? It’s math, a shared language for all peoples.
  • Can someone tell me why we don’t call places by the names they are? Like why is Germany Germany in English when it is Deutschland? Where in the world did Germany come from Deutschland? I understand that English doesn’t have all the sounds and characters other languages do, and reasonable substitutions should be made there. But, why can’t Sevilla be Sevilla instead of changing to Seville?
    • Also, my computer wanted to tell me to spell Deutschland as Deutschmark.
  • I think Big Ive just woke up and is probably waking her little sister up so I must get ready now. Tschuss!
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