NaBloPoMo Day 19 – conversations in my house

“Little E, are you want a bite? Are you want a bite?” = Do you want a bite of my pizza? (18.11.2012)

Mom: One
Little E: Two (18.11.2012)

“I want cereal mit milk, bowl.” Emphasis mine. 19.11.2012 Proving again that Big Ive is learning German.

“Like WHAT!?” babble, babble, babble “Like WHAT!?” Repeat about 6 times.
Imagine the ‘WHAT!?’ being said with an upward tone and really emphasised. Flippin’ hilarious.  LOML and I cannot figure out where that one came from.  The first time she did it was in the car this weekend as we were taking the babysitter home. 17.11.2012

“‘Licious! Juice!” “Iss bess. ever. juice. Mommy.” “Bess. ever. juice”
Delicious juice! It’s the best ever juice, Mommy! Best ever juice! 18.11.2012

And she tried really hard to say, “Ich mochte saft, bitte”, but I had to say each word singly. 19.11.2012

Oh, and she said some sort of look-at-this command in German to me this afternoon.  I’m not sure of the word(s) so I couldn’t look it up.  I’ve heard it spoken before by my adult German friends so I do know it’s a real word/phrase.  That’s one of the first times Big Ive has chosen to speak a German word to me without me prompting her to do so. 19.11.2012

Little E will answer just about every question with a eeyeah.  It sounds like the word yeah with a ee sound in the beginning.  LOML was asking her if she was going to have lobster for supper. “Eeyeah.”  Cremebrule for dessert. “Eeyeah.” Go drive a car after supper. “Eeyeah.”
The babysitter’s kids love to ask her questions all day because they can’t get enough of her ‘Eeyeah’ing. 19.11.2012

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