NaBloPoMo Day 20 – some more conversations and German talk

“I lookin’ a Mommy” said in a sing-songy little voice as Big Ive ascended the stairs to find me.  She was super cute this morning as she sang and found me. 20.11.2012

When I picked up Big Ive from school a little girl named G brought a book over to me to show me and have me read some things.  B chided her and said, “Sie sprechen Englisch (She speaks English.).” To which I replied, “und ein bisschen Deutsch (and a little German).”  And then B just looked at me.  I heard the teacher in the office give a little laugh as she overheard it.  I read a few words and pointed to associated body parts (eyes, hair).  Then she pointed to a date and said, “Telefonnummer (telephone number).” And then I was able to correct her and tell her it was her birth date.  :)  G seemed to think it was just fine that I spoke some German words.  B is a little wary of it since she knows me before I knew German words.  It’s like she’s already put me in the non-German words category in her brain.

I got Big Ive to say “Ich möchte einen Keks” to ask for a cookie.  Then when she got it in her hand she said something like, “Ich habe babblebabblebabble.”  I LOVE IT!!!!  This excites me.

And in my evening German class I actually tried to speak more in German tonight.  She asked us questions to which I answered the basic answer and then elaborated upon it.  It was nice to be able to feel a tiny bit more comfortable attempting to throw sentences and thoughts together (and keep them grammatically correct!).  One guy across the table and I made eye contact a few times when she explained a strange German grammar rule, like, ‘Crazy Germans. What were they thinking here.’

Little E grabbed their toy toolbox and said, “Tschuss”, as she tried to walk out the door as I was taking Big Ive to bed tonight.  She was ready to go.

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