NaBloPoMo Day 24 – conversations in my house

More conversations heard in my house . . . because it’s easy blog post fodder.


Big Ive: Mommy! I gettin’ c-all! I gettin’ c-all! I want Custers. (Mommy, I’m getting cereal! I’m getting Cereal. I want Clusters.)

LOML: Just so you know those are Shreddies and not Clusters.

Big Ive: I gettin’ Sheddies.


Little E was whining for food this morning.  Big Ive comes up and says, “Nicely, Little E. You gotta ask nicely. Bitte.” All while signing please in ASL.


Big Ive has discovered the YouTube app on the iPads.  She is just looking for new cartoons to watch, but we have found that she’s stumbled upon some not quite so kid-friendly cartoons.  We are removed that app today.

She found the Mickey Mouse Club House video and its “Hot Dog” theme song.  So now she (and LOML) and walking around doing a little dance singing, “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.”  Hers comes out more like, “Hot dot, hod gog, babblebabblebabblegity gob.”


Bringing a snack container to me, “Put on it. Put on it, Mommy.”  Meaning, put the lid on this for me, please.


“Little E is cute.  Little E is cute.  Goofpy butt.  I love you, Little E.  I love you.” (Goofy comes out more like goopy.)


Present.  Big Ive’s present.  For Big Ive’s birthday.  It’s my birthday!
Sorry, kid, you’ll have to wait another 5 months for your birthday.


Handing back the snack container she stole from her little sister, “Happa birday! Happa birday!” (Happy birthday.  For some reason she’s obsessed with birthdays.  Maybe they have a bunch at school and the celebrate.)


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