NaBloPoMo Day 27 – vocabulary

I get a daily email from Merriam-Webster online with a vocabulary word to learn (in English).  Sometimes it is a word I remember from high school English class vocabulary and it transports me back in time.  Sitting in my high school’s desks with the plastic chairs attached, looking at the whiteboards, willing the time on the TV monitors to go faster, thoughts of homework and essays and what will be happening with friends later.

It’s funny how a single word can trigger so many memories.  The same with a slight whiff of a long-ago remembered scent.  Or a sound that you haven’t heard in years will bring you back to that place.  I still remember the sound the front door would make at the house I grew up in.  That musty basement smell brings me back to Minnesota every time.

I wonder which sounds will remain with my children as they grow.  Will it be a silly door creak like I remember?  Or will it be the clang of blocks?  Or something else I can only imagine?

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