NaBloPoMo Day 28 – [daily life] German acquisition stories

Monday (26.11.2012) when I picked up Big Ive from Kindergarten one of her teachers told me she is starting to say things in German.  She was in the kitchen asking for something.  The first teacher didn’t understand what she said.  The second teacher said, “I think she’s asking for a little spoon.”  Big Ive was saying ‘kleinen Loeffel’.


As I was getting the girls dressed yesterday morning Little E was playing with a simple animal noise app on the iPad.  It says, “A monkey makes this sound:” And then they play a monkey noise.  It’s the exact same for all the different animals and vehicles it has photos for.  Little E helped me discover a couple weeks ago that you could change the language setting.  Somehow she had managed to put it on Japanese.  I changed it to German (duh).  So this morning when Little E hit the Krokodil (crocodile) I started singing the German Krokodil kid’s song.  Big Ive instantly knew what it was and automatically put her hands together to make the motions for the song.  She knew this one from school.  It made me smile.  I only knew the first 2 lines of the song, unfortunately, but that definitely makes me want to learn more of these German kids songs.


Last week Big Ive started saying, “Guck mal!” to us when she wanted us to look at something.  I had heard it spoken before but didn’t know the spelling, so I asked a band member.  She “Guck mal”s us all the time now.

Big Ive’s teacher told me today that she had said Guck mal during school today.


There are always a lot of “NEIN!”s being thrown around the house when both girls are home.  Little E has even started to say it because Big Ive says it so much.


Big Ive is good at babble in between English words she knows to make it sound like she’s saying complete sentences because she feels there should be more said.  She is doing the same thing with German babble.

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