NaBloPoMo Day 29 – [daily life] train village, re-fried beans, tractors

The train village.  LOML’s handiwork while Little E (a.k.a. Godzilla) was taking a nap.  It was mere minutes after she got downstairs until it was entirely destroyed.

Cute village with cars parked on the street.  Don’t worry, the animals are in pens/behind fences.

The forest.

“Bears love. milk.” -Big Ive, said while watching Madagascar 3, the scene where we meet Sonia the bear.

Lately she’s been asking to go to bed when she is tired.  If we don’t move fast enough she goes to the sofa and lays down and falls asleep in minutes.  But then I get her up to bed and she tosses and turns forever.  Oh, well.

I fit 4.5 dozen Russian Teacakes (a.k.a. Mexican Wedding Cakes) on a cookie sheet tonight.  I don’t know of many other cookies that you can fit that many on one pan to bake.  It’s a great dough, too, because it’s just butter, flour, nuts and a small amount of sugar.  Hopefully our German friends like them.  They don’t tend to like things that are very sweet, so I think these will work.

I taped 3 diaper boxes together and taped the Christmas tree stand to it to place it behind the TV.  There was no way I could have kept the kids away if I put it on the floor or the coffee table.  Now I just need to buy a power strip for the strings of lights.

The tree reminds me of my sister.  She was here last year when we set it up and decorated it.  This memory reminder is on top of washing a little glass Nutella jar that she bought in Paris.  Silly things that remind you of people and times in the past.

We walked into the school and Big Ive yells out, “Guten Morgen!”  I’ve been trying to get her to say good morning or just morning when we walk into the school every day.  It usually takes a lot of prompting.  She finally got it and said it by herself before I could even say it when we walked in the door.  :)

Little E put her tennis shoes on her feet by herself for the first time yesterday (28.11.2012).  They were on the wrong feet, but she did it without any help. She has started putting any article of clothing she finds around on her body somewhere.  Sometimes it is the correct way, but most times not.  She was trying to put a pair of pants on last night and she put one foot in the foot end of a pant leg and then she crammed the other foot in.  And then she tried to stand up and show off.  That’s when she fell hard onto her butt, on a small wooden cow.  She’s getting good at getting adult-sized socks on.

Little E is talking up a storm.  I can get her to ‘perform’ a few words for people just about every time.  And you can totally tell what she’s saying.  I’m sure I understand a lot more than most people since I’m around her all day.  She has started to be good at using signs now, too.  Go figure, now that she can talk she chooses to sign.  To her, it seems like the sign is just a part of how you say the word, though.  At least it appears that way when I watch her.

I think this was refried beans.  Oh she was a mess.  That highchair was a bigger mess.

Big Ive decided to bring one of her tractors back downstairs the other day.  LOML said, “But how will she farm upstairs now?”  It was hilarious.  I guess farming is only a downstairs activity now.

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One thought on “NaBloPoMo Day 29 – [daily life] train village, re-fried beans, tractors

  1. John Enk says:

    A story.
    A pre-school teachers struggles to help a you girl put on her boots.
    The younger says, “These are not my boots!”
    The teacher takes them off and looks around.
    The young girl than explains, these are my sisters boots.
    The teacher again struggles to put on the boots for the young girl.
    The teacher then asks, “Where are your gloves?”
    The young girl smiles and says, “They are in the toes of the boots!”

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