NaBloPoMo Day 30 – Last day of the month

  • I would normally be excited for Movember to end, however, LOML will not be shaving his moustache in the  morning.  He is going to keep it until we see his family for Christmas.
  • This is the last day of NaBloPoMo.  I’m happy I participated.  I don’t think I will keep up with a blog post each day, but it was a really good thing to get me back into the swing of documenting the daily life memories for me and for our family and friends far away.  I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our lives this past month, and into my crazy thoughts.
  • “Martha Speaks” came on TV this morning and Big Ive said, “Dats my Marfa! Dats my Marfa!”
  • Big Ive didn’t want to give LOML a kiss before he left for work this morning.  I told her I’d cover up his moustache wiskers.  She contemplated that and leaned in for a kiss, when I removed my hand and LOML turned his head so he could give her a good whisker scratch.
  • Tomorrow we get to start our Advent calendar.  This year’s calendar is another Kinder chocolate one.  LOML picked it up in France last weekend.
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