[daily life] 12.12.12

You try it. Da floor.” 07.12.2012

Bryan gehurt me. 11.12.2012  This one is interesting because she used an English verb, but conjugated it with a German past tense conjugation.  Hurt :: gehurt.  A boy at school hit her and she was telling me on the way home from school.

Bert and Hernie on T. 12.12.2012 (Bert and Ernie are on TV.)

LOML and I get “Guck mal”ed all the time at home.  It comes out sounding more like “Kukamall”, but that’s ok because it’s more like the correct pronunciation, anyway.

I learned the command style in my German class last night (11.12.2012).  This is the one thing I really wanted to be able to know how to do so I could give simple commands to Big Ive while we’re in Arizona for the next 8 weeks.  Hopefully with the extra hands of my mom, dad and sister (and sometimes my brothers if they’re at the house) I’ll be able to work through some RosettaStone to keep going on German learning.  I don’t want to forget it all before I get back and take the next Intensivkurs Moduls.

The teacher told me that after she completed a puzzle at school she said, “Gute gemacht!” 12.12.2012

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