My Frosty Walk

This morning I dropped BOTH girls off at the Kindergarten and took a walk around the village by MYSELF.  I have lived here for over a year and I’m not sure I have really taken a walk by myself before.  At least, not a walk for pleasure.

It was a sunny day with blue skies.  The wind picked up a tiny bit later in the day, but the morning was mostly calm.  It got all the way up to 51F / 11C today.  That is pure bliss compared to the upper 20’s we’ve been having for weeks now.  The blue skies were the best part.

At 9:20am, when I left the Kindergarten, it was starting to warm up, but the mud was still mostly all frozen.  Frozen solid mud with frost on it is a new sight for this desert kid.  I very much enjoyed being able to stop and take photos and videos during my walk without at least one small human bothering me.  Usually I meet at least 1 other person walking along the path, but today I didn’t, which was nice so I didn’t feel the need to explain why I was taking photos of frozen puddles, frosted grass and leaves, and videoing the bubbling brook that runs through our village.

Here’s what I saw.

puddle_frozen-20130304Look how the puddles froze.  I’m not sure I’ve seen puddles freeze like this before.  #desertkid

puddle_closeup3-20130304Frost on the crystals.

puddle_closeup2-20130304puddle_closeup1-20130304What are the proper conditions to make water freeze in this kind of structure?

frosty_leaf-20130304Frosty leaf with frozen mud.  Much harder of a surface to walk on frozen mud, but much cleaner.


frosty_snowcloseup-20130304The snow has frosty crystals on it, too!

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2 thoughts on “My Frosty Walk

  1. Whitney says:

    I love the picture of the leaf!

    • hausmiller says:

      I know. Frozen mud. Frozen frost on the leaf. It was so awesome to see the frost frozen like that all over. The snow literally had frozen frost stuff covering it. It looked all jagged and sparkly.

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