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update of nothing new

My last post about not having an answer to where we’re going next and when ( is still unanswered.  LOML and I have lived through a week of a handful of crazy backs and forths that we weren’t expecting whatsoever.  One day it was A.  The next day it was the complete opposite of A, B.  Then there was something that would go in the ‘Pro Column A’.  The day after that we had a ‘Pro Column B’ incident.

The day after learning about option A I took it all very physically — my shoulders and back seemed to get tighter and tighter as the day wore on.  When we talked that evening, and got a short shoulder rub from LOML, I felt better.  Just to start over the other direction learning about option B the next morning.  Repeat super tight shoulders all day.  At least learning about the ‘Pro Column’ items didn’t affect me physically as much.

And it’s not like Option A is a bad thing.  It would actually be a pretty good thing.  It was just so far out of my thoughts of where we would be living and what we would do it caught me really off guard.

Each time a new thing appears it feels like a huge pull in one direction or another.  One day we get pulled to the left.  The very next day (and I’m not exaggerating it being the very next day…it has literally happened like this countless times) we’re pulled to the right.  The first pull pretty much convinces you you’ll go in that direction.  And then the opposite pull happens and somehow we have been pulled back across center and are now convinced the other direction is the path that will be taken.

It is much harder to live in this back and forth period of time than a simple not-knowing period.  At least when you don’t know either way you have no good reason to think about and worry about everything.  When it is getting closer to the end date and you know you need to start making a few more plans it is so hard to not worry, not internalize, not make the stress into physical stress.

Hopefully getting some of these thoughts out will allow me to sleep better.  It is almost 11pm; I should have been in bed an hour ago.  The past week-ish I have been staying up late at night, which is not like me at all.

***Yes, I know I’m being super cryptic with what I’m posting.  However, not all of the people close to us even know of what these things mean.  And we don’t want to tell a bunch of people something just to have to tell them the complete opposite a day/week/month later.  Basically, we still don’t know anything more.  No use getting you all excited or bummed out with all these options.

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hail – a how-to guide

When it hails heavily one afternoon, whatever should one do with all of it?  Here is a quick helpful Hail How-To guide.


All of this came down in about 10 minutes time, I would guess.  I don’t have a stopwatch.  And besides… Who ever remembers to start those things at the moment an activity you wish to time begins?  For reals.

1. You eat it.

The girls were eating it out of the bowl as if it were popcorn.  If you are feeling more dignified, please feel free to use the proper hail eating utensils.


Exhibit 1a.


Exhibit 1b.

2. You make a scotch on the rocks.

LOML enjoyed his hail-cooled scotch on the rocks that afternoon.  However, he did note that hail of a slightly larger diameter would have been preferred.  Please keep this in mind should you wish to attempt hail-scotch-on-the-rocks.

A handsome devil, that one.

And there ends our quick Hail How-To guide.  Please stay tuned for another photo of an adorable toddler watching hail.


dress courtesy of Gampers Hand Creations

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The question for which I still have no answer

The question that everyone asks — LOML and I included — is how long will we be living in Germany.  The short answer is that we still don’t know.

When we were in Arizona this winter we thought we would know in March.  We thought we would have some resolution to this open-ended question by now.  We told our family and friends we should know by the end of March/beginning of April.  The end of March has come and gone.  The end of April has come and gone.  We are rapidly approaching the middle of May and we still don’t know.  Right now LOML’s current project ends this fall.  His company is waiting to hear if they have another project in this region.  They are waiting for a response.  We are waiting for a response.  Our family and friends are waiting for a response.

What are we doing in the mean time?  We live life.  We wait.  But we don’t let the unknowns rule us.  We keep living our regular lives.  We keep trying to do God’s Kingdom work here and now.  We don’t hole up in our house making plans and sub plans and alternate plans.  It took a while, but we have gotten to the point where we are mostly content to not know.  Would it be nicer to know where we’ll be at the end of this year?  You better believe it!  Is that going to be something that I let drive my life?  Prevent me from fully living, experiencing, loving right now?  Absolutely not!

Now you know as much as we know, which isn’t much.

EDIT 06.05.2013: We got an update today!  But it doesn’t help anything, so no real news to share.

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