hail – a how-to guide

When it hails heavily one afternoon, whatever should one do with all of it?  Here is a quick helpful Hail How-To guide.


All of this came down in about 10 minutes time, I would guess.  I don’t have a stopwatch.  And besides… Who ever remembers to start those things at the moment an activity you wish to time begins?  For reals.

1. You eat it.

The girls were eating it out of the bowl as if it were popcorn.  If you are feeling more dignified, please feel free to use the proper hail eating utensils.


Exhibit 1a.


Exhibit 1b.

2. You make a scotch on the rocks.

LOML enjoyed his hail-cooled scotch on the rocks that afternoon.  However, he did note that hail of a slightly larger diameter would have been preferred.  Please keep this in mind should you wish to attempt hail-scotch-on-the-rocks.

A handsome devil, that one.

And there ends our quick Hail How-To guide.  Please stay tuned for another photo of an adorable toddler watching hail.


dress courtesy of Gampers Hand Creations

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One thought on “hail – a how-to guide

  1. Whitney says:

    Hahahahahahha! Love this!

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