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[daily life] language

The girls on a Polizei car ride at the grocery store.
I’m happy they are still content to just climb on these things and push buttons, no money required.  I’m sure that won’t last too much longer, though.

“Mom, can you read this book?  It’s in language.” -Big Ive 09.07.2013  She was trying to tell me it was in a different language, German.  When we were in Croatia she asked me to buy a children’s book and I told her no because I couldn’t read that language, that it was a different language.

“Mamma, my book.  It was verlost in the car.” -Big Ive 15.07.2013 verlost = verloren (to loose something, lost) + lost

“Can I get her with my Rahhr-teeth?” -Big Ive 15.07.2013 Asking if she could act like a moster/dinosaur and rahwr at Little E.

“To-later.” -Big Ive.  Tomorrow.  Today.  Naturally, to-later follows.

No Platz in the cart.

When I go to get Little E out of the crib in the mornings she almost always is still laying down with her eyes firmly clenched shut.  “I sleepin’,” is what she always tells me.  Sometimes I’ll pick her up, she’ll burrow her head in my shoulder and say it again.  If she’s not wanting to get up at age 1, I can only imagine what life will be like with her when she is in school. -25.07.2013

I often call Little E ‘Little E Baby’ (obviously using her real first name and not actually saying Little E).  A day or 2 ago she started calling Big Ive ‘Big Ive Baby’ just like I call her Little E Baby.  It is so sweet.  30.07.2013

What’s your name?
Your name is Little E.  Can you say Little E?
Little E.
What’s your name?
::face palm::
-conversation with Little E about her name.  I can ask in German or English and she’ll give the same response of the name Sarah.  I can only imagine what would happen should some adult ask her name and she says Sarah only to never respond to it.  Crazy kid.
P.S.  The teacher at the Kindergarten with the name Sarah thinks this is hilarious.  She was thrilled to know Little E thought so well of her.

Where we goin’, Dad?
We’re just driving.
WHERE WE GOIN’?! -Big Ive & LOML 27.07.2013

He just spit out the wind! -Big Ive 05.08.2013 When Grandpa was letting the air out of the balloon he had just blown up.

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