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Sorry for the huge absence from Haus Miller Adventure.  We are all doing very well.  Here is a little language post of things my girls have said through October.  I try to keep my iPad handy so I can jot these down on a note right when they say them.  Otherwise I don’t even remember to when LOML gets home from work to tell him!

More posts coming.  And hopefully more regular posts with photos coming.  I know a lot of you rely on this blog to know what’s happening in our lives since we live and ocean away.


Mom! Guck mein purse! It has a flower on it. And an opening. I can put my car in it.
-Big Ive 16.08.2013 (Guck = Guck Mal = Look, mein = my.  She loves to mix her languages.)

Hallo, Ich bin ahold to call you. I was in school in English.
-Big Ive, talking on her toy phone 26.08.2013

He’s phsych-ed to play with Elmo. (He’s excited to play with Elmo.)
–Big Ive 27.08.2013

Hey, that’s my sword!
-Little E 03.09.2013

It’s for my pirlate island.
-Big Ive 9.9.13 (It’s for my pirate island.)

Mommy, this baby don’t have legs? Maybe we go a doctor and get baby legs.
-Big Ive 10.09.2013

Three goed away now. I’m two, mommy.
-Big Ive 12.09.2013 (She was talking about her age.  She didn’t want to be 3 anymore so it went away and she was 2 again.)

You ok, mommy? Oh, I’ll soft you.
-Big Ive 13.09.2013 (I wasn’t feeling well and she softly rubbed my back.)

Our baby can’t eat our pup-cakes.
-Big Ive 13.09.2013 (cup cakes)

Mommy, your have to sleep more and your sick will go away.
-Big Ive 14.09.2013 (She was so concerned when I came down with a bacterial lung infection that left me functioning enough to basically sit and nap on the sofa for 3 weeks.)

Mom, I think there was a monster upstairs.
–Big Ive 15.09.2013 (The word choices and improper pronouns and subject/verb agreements make me smile.  I love seeing language being learned and processed through these minds.)

‘Lone me.
-Little E 15.09.2013 (her version of leave me alone.)

Leave me ‘lone me!
-Little E 16.09.2013

-Little E 17.09.2013 (blow it, like to cool off food to eat)

Runnin’ shirt.
-Big Ive 17.09.2013 (referring to her sleeveless shirt. She saw a character on Curious George running wearing sleeveless shirts.)

He has little feet and little fingers. His toes are teena tyna, like this (puts her fingers together to show the size).
-Big Ive 18.09.2013

My whine goed away, mom. Now I can talk!
-Big Ive 19.09.2013 (She was whining when she asked for something so I told her she couldn’t have it because she was whining.)

I need to go to the hostabull. My hand hurts. And the guy will give me some paper and know which kind of medicine I need for my hand. I need a which medicine. I need to go it the hostabull.
-Big Ive 19.09.2013 Hostabull = hospital. (This probably happened after I went to the doctor and she saw me get the prescription paper from the doctor.  Then we went to the pharmacy to pick it up.)

I’sth wready a go.
-Little E 19.09.2013 (I can’t get over her little kid lisp.  I love it.  I’m pretty sure it’s already fading as her language skills progress.)

I’d wready da goh.
-Little E 19.09.2013

That’s what kind of medicine make my hand feel better.
-Big Ive 19.09.2013

I’sth a’goin to da wresthtauwrant. Okay? (Said while attempting to walk out of the house.)
–Little E 19.09.2013 (I’m going to the restaurant, okay?)

-Big Ive 25.09.2013 (What she calls fresh mozzarella, which is packaged in that milky water that looks quite like milk when you dump it out.)

Disth isth-a meine chickie-bok-bok.
-Little E 25.09.2013 (“This is my chickie-bok-bok.” ‘Meine’ is German for ‘mine’.  She calls nearly every bird a chickie, and just to add cuteness she puts the bok-bok on the end.)

Mom: what time is it?
Big Ive: 48!

Mom! I’m wearin’ a kate! (Cape)
-Big Ive 28.09.2013

Ich-a all done! (I’m all done, but with the German ich for I.)
-Little E 28.09.2013

Mommy, this is wiggle cheese.
-Big Ive 28.09.2013 (Wiggle cheese is young sliced sandwich gouda that we eat here in Germany.  This is in contrast to the ‘milk cheese’ mozzarella.)

Little E stirs up food in her bowl and says, “I makin’ dishes.”

Eyesth-a fingersth.
-Little E 01.10.2013 (“Eyes, not fingers”, after I told her not to touch.  I usually tell the girls they aren’t allowed to touch things by saying ‘eyes, not fingers’.  Most of the time it makes sense to them, but sometimes they can’t resist the impulse to touch.)

Dadyee, come look what we can did!
-Big Ive 03.10.2013

We call our baby sweep sweep germs. Sweet sweet girms.
-Big Ive 04.10.2013 (I think she was trying to say sweet sweet girl.)

Big Ive pronounces her new baby cousin’s name with a distinct German accent.  We don’t usually say it that way, but she always says it that way.  Silly kid.  It might be because there is a little girl at their school with the similar sounding name.  (Real names not written to maintain anonymity.  Think along the lines of Abby versus Gaby, Alicia vs. Felicia, Madeline vs. Adeline, etc.)

Bafwoom = bathroom for Little E

That’s a Lia* bed! A Lia bed!
-Big Ive 05.10.2013 (In a store she saw a bed with a hello kitty bedspread on it. A little girl at her school named Lia is always wearing hello kitty everything.)

Lookit dat a my ‘tail!
-Little E 07.10.2013 (“Look at my pony tail!”)

“We know how-a tickle Gampers up!”  Said in a loud whisper with tickle fingers wiggling.
-Big Ive 11.10.2913

My juice is making noises again, just like my baby cousin.
Big Ive 15.10.2013 (I think her juice cup was making those suction noises they sometimes make and the baby was making typical baby squeeks.)

I want piggy tails later. Later at sunset.
Big Ive 15.10.2013


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