Party for Little E’s 3rd birthday

On Saturday we had a birthday party for Little E. This was the first birthday she has celebrated in the United States.  I thought it would be fun to have a cow and bird themed party for her since she loves cows and birds so much.

There is a take a toy to school day once a week at their Kindergarten and she brought at least one of her cow toys each week for a month.  And then she tried to take one of the cow toys from school home.  :)  Kid loves her cows.

We walk by some chickens on the way to school and every single time we have to stop at look at them.

Whenever she sees a bird flying in the sky or hopping on the ground she exclaims, “Der’sth a birdie!” (That translates to, “There’s a birdie!”  She still has a little bit of a lisp, which I think is pretty cute.)


Cow skirt made by Grandma.


The party went really well.  We had a boat load of people over.  A lot of our family who lives here, and a lot of friends from our church here in AZ.  My dad grilled burgers for us to go along with chips and salsa, avocado & black bean dip, hummus, fruits and veggies.  There were only a tiny bit of leftovers and no one appeared to be hungry when they left so I count it a win!


And I made over 6 dozen strawberry cupcakes from scratch.  I think they turned out really well for using 2 new recipes (the cake batter and the frosting).  I think we had about 12 left when the party ended.

2014-08-03_K_ipad_pics 784

2014-08-03_K_ipad_pics 786

2014-08-03_K_ipad_pics 793

My sister filled about 100 water balloons for the kids to throw.  So much time was spent filling the balloons and it took the kids all of 3 minutes to throw and break them all.  A little bit later it started raining.  Just about every kid here was playing in it and completely soaked.  The rain was possibly better than my planned activity of water balloons!



DSC05606Buckets of water attract children like bees to honey.  : )

DSC05608Post water balloons.  She doesn’t look terribly happy in this photo but she did have a great time with the water balloons.


Opening the presents was pretty darn chaotic.  There were about 10 children helping Elsie and making her rush through them all.  Thankfully my sister was good at taking notes and wrote everything down on which presents came from whom.

2014-08-03_K_ipad_pics 808

She wanted to sleep with this cow baby, but I said no because it moos.  I didn’t want to be awoken in the middle of the night from a mooing cow baby.2014-08-03_K_ipad_pics 796
You can see the excitement on her face in this photo.  I love it.

 On her actual birthday on Tuesday the 5th of August we had a slow day.  My mom made a batch of pancakes — maybe even her best since she used half-and-half instead of regular milk.  Little E was up before Big Ive and was able to eat all of the strawberries with her pancake.  And then she started on the tomatoes, finishing with raspberries.  I made sure to save at least a few raspberries for Big Ive.  She requested “frwench frwiesth and chickie bitesth” (french fries and chicken bites) for supper.  So I made some great baked chicken tenders, fries, and homemade mac-n-cheese.  It was a big hit from everyone who was over.  We ended the night with some frozen yogurt.  The girls loved being able to pick the toppings for their frozen yogurt.  All in all, a very fun birthday for a very special little 3-year old girl.

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