Sandbox morning fun

Sometimes you don’t have the camera when you have a near perfect morning. I guess that means we’re supposed to try to enjoy it even more since we won’t have the digital memories.

This morning was like that. The girls and I played in the sandbox in our backyard for an hour this morning. It was sunny and warm enough to not even need a light sweater. We pulled the leaves out, I raked the rain-trodden-down sand up so it was fluffy again.

We built a fish pond, complete with pretend water because my very wise 4-year old knows extra water in the sandbox messes up proper building. We built bucket castles. Some were near perfect. Others fell down before they got up. She also knows how to make doors and windows with her fingers in her bucket castles. I asked where she learned that and she replied, “Daddy teached me. Dad teached me how to make doors.” “Dad is a pretty smart guy, huh?” “Yeah, he is.”

Shoes were removed and sand was wiggled through little toes. Hands and feet were buried under cool wet sand.

Big Ive toppled over one time when she lost her balance and bumped her head on a cobble stone. But the spectacular somersault she managed to do in the toppling totally made up for it. Maybe I was a bad mother at the time because I was laughing so hard while she was crying. A half a minute later and she was laughing too. Proves once again laugher can be the best medicine. She does have a red spot on her forehead, which may turn into a bruise, but her bangs cover it well so most people won’t even know.

Playing in wet sand made us have to remove sandy clothes before entering the house and proceeding straight to the bath. Now we have 2 clean girls almost ready for lunch, naps, and a fellow 4-year old friend’s birthday party later this afternoon.

sweet simple memories of a regular day in the life of our adventure.

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