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Little Guy is here!

At 13:52 on November 12 our Little Guy made his debut into the world.  He weighed 8lb 14oz (4030g) and was 20.5inches (52cm) long.  He has a small amount of dark brown hair, although a lot of that has fallen out or rubbed off in the 2 months he’s been with us.  It was a routine scheduled cesarean birth, as the girls were both cesarean.  No problems or complications.  We spent 4 days in the hospital before we went home.





He looked a lot like Big Ive at birth.  It was almost like time travel.  As he grows and gets more fat on him he looks less and less like her clone.  He really likes the baby swing (something Big Ive hated).  And he has just started smiling.  Those full-face and body smiles that exude from every fiber of his being.  Another thing he does that Big Ive also did was really enjoy the changing table.  We have the same red changing pad we used with Big Ive.  It was like a secret happy maker for her and seems to be very similar for him.

The girls are completely in love with him.  Big Ive has certainly taken to the big sister role.  She asks to hold him all the time.  I bet she’d pick him up and walk around with him if left alone with him.  Little E likes him, but isn’t as interested in holding him.  It is just the age difference.  She is not quite old enough to care about doing things like that — which is perfectly fine with me.  She does like to come up and talk to him and try to get him to play with toys once in a while.  And she is very concerned when he is fussy or crying.



LOML is pretty smitten with him, too.  When he holds Little Guy it makes the baby look so small again.

Bow-ties are his signature wardrobe right now.


Little Guy is the perfect addition to our family.  I really like his sweet and calm personality.  He’s pretty carefree right now.  I wonder what he will be like as he grows older.

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Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas from Haus Miller Adventure!
Gesegnete Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr!

I_E_Xmas2014An Arizona Christmas.
Eine Weihnacht in Arizona.

fam_xmas2014Christmas Eve after church.
Heiligabend nach Kirche.

fam_xmas_stockings2014Our new stockings for all 5 of us.
Unsere neue Weihnachtssocke für alle Fünf.

I_E_xmastree2 I_E_xmastree1

Big Ive and Little E decorating the Christmas tree.
Big Ive und Little E schmückend der Weihnachtsbaum.