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Long overdue. I’m trying to figure out life in our new city and most days it’s pretty crazy. I hope to post more soon.



I’m a resth-cute.
“I’m a rescue,” said while wearing her batgirl cape.
-Little E 21.01.2014

I tryin’ a yuppin’. (Said while trying to sweep.)
– Little E 29.01.2014

You daddy, daddy.
-Little E 06.02.2014

How she sit correctily?
“How does she sit correctly?” She was building a mega block chair for a stuffed sheep.
-Big Ive 11.02.2014

Can I machen zu?
“Can I close it?” ‘Machen zu’ is to make closed.
-Big Ive 22.02.2014

I have applesth (pointing to her ankles).
-Little E 26.02.2014

Very first thing Little E said when she saw me upon waking in the morning: Eisth cream. Can we go get Eisth cream?

-03.08.2014: I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it.

Daddy, I’ll fleug it to you.
“Daddy, I’ll fly it to you.” She used the German word when talking about her paper airplane.
-Big Ive 11.03.2014

Compitated. Mom’s compitated. Daddy’s compitated. Little E’s compitated.
-Big Ive 20.03.2014 ‘complicated’

Uhh, Daddy? Disth is a bycthacle.
-10.04.2014 Little E, when she first noticed Big Ive’s new bike (before Big Ive had gotten up in the morning).

Dersth a tummy in you baby. (There’s a baby in your tummy.)
– Little E 14.04.2014

…with a very serious look on her face.. ‘His birthday is in 20.’
-Big Ive 26.04.2014 I’m not sure what kind of 20 that is.

Da balloonsth are growin’ outsthide, Daddy! Da balloonsth are growin’!
-Little E 27.04.2014 We had balloons on sticks for Big Ive’s birthday party and they were stuck in the flower boxes outside.

Me: Big Ive, do you want to play I spy?
Big Ive: ice pie?

I’m not the sweetest one. I’m the cool one. Little E is the sweet one.
-05.05.2014 Big Ive, after I said I have two sweet girls because I usually call Little E my Sweet Girl.

I’m thinking the baby should have red hair like me. I’m thinking the baby should have green eyes like you. I’m thinking the baby should have a mouth. And I’m thinking the baby should have a nose.
-06.05.2014 Big Ive

He’sth a little bit! (He’s little!)
-08.05.2014 Little E

A present-taper?
“Present-paper?” (Meaning wrapping paper. These were said very slowly, trying to get the new conjoined word out.)
-11.05.2014 Big Ive

We were at a restaurant and Little E managed to knock over Chris’ beer. Both Chris and I let out a f*ckin-A. To which a Big Ive echoed, clear as day, flockin-A. It was hilarious. So now we are saying that, which I’m sure is not any better than the real words. Little E has picked it up now, too.

Oh, my neck doesn’t put the noodle inside.
-Big Ive 21.05.2014 She was eating noodles and felt like one got caught in her throat a little. Took a drink and all was fine.

Be carefully, ok? Be carefully.
-Little E 05.30.2014

Oh, my tummy. My tummy doesn’t have so many choices!
-Big Ive 05.30.2014

Here’sth sthome a-more butter. Sthome a-more.
-Little E 30.05.2014

I’m an engtineer. I’m a fix kid.
“I’m an engineer and a fix-it kid.”
-Big Ive 09.06.2014

I put my lips in my mouf and make elephant words.
-Big Ive 12.06.2914

I hear something over there. It’s the washmacleaner. (washing machine)
-Big Ive 29.06.2012

I just wanna stay away from mommy.
I’m allergic.
-Big Ive 01.07.2014

Da ansthwersth (answers in Little E-speak) are gonna get usth (us)!
-Little E 02.07.2014

Squirt water! (Sprinkler)
-Little E 14.07.2014

Does Little E have a tail fox zipper? A tail fox zipper?
(A fox tail zipper, because her new little backpack looks like a little red fox.)
-Big Ive 15.07.2014

Little E: I don’t know where your hair is.
Grandpa: I don’t know either.
-10.08.2014 Little E referring to grandpa’s balding head while playing

I have room. It’s on the side!
-10.08.2014 Big Ive, referring to the room in her stomach for frozen yogurt

(Bubblegum. She was so sure of it being said like that.)
-18.08.2014 Big Ive

No, pleasthe.
“No, please.”
-29.08.2014 Little E’s version of ‘no thank you’.

Stop putting air in my ear! (I was breathing too closely to her, I guess.)
-Big Ive 18.09.2014

I wanna slide down a big mountain where there’s lots of snow on the bottom, lots of snow on the middle, and lots of snow on the top.
-19.09.2014 Big Ive

Kritzel-kratzel drawing = scribbling in German
-23.09.2014 Big Ive

Little yelled over to me, “Hey mom! Come see Charlotte.”
I walk over to her in the back patio and she says, “Hi, Charlotte. My name is Little E.”
-29.09.2014 Little E talking to the little spider she found in the cooler in the back patio.

I don’t want them take my bed!
-29.09.2014 Little E said this about the movers packing up her bed.

I’m gonna miss Germany a lot.
-01.10.2014 Big Ive. [[I know, kid. Me, too.  Me, too.]]

Mommy, it’s no schlimm.
“Mommy, it’s not so bad.”
-02.10.2014 Big Ive, said after I pointed out she dribbled chocolate milk on her white shirt.

Me to Little E: Shhh! You’re so loud!
Big Ive’s reply: I can’t hear my paper.

I want some so viel!
(‘so viel’ means ‘a lot’. She wanted a lot of coins to play with.)
-04.10.2014 Little E

Ooooohhhh, dat’sth stho Süß.
(Oh, that’s so Süß. Süß =sweet. Said while flipping to a new page in a coloring book.)
-06.10.2014 Little E

This is yummy salt.
-12.10.2014 Big Ive, referring to the sugar on her donut.

Hey, my thumb is wrinkly. Can I suck dis one (the other one)?
(Said as she walked in the living room right after waking up in the morning.)
-13.10.2014 Little E

Mommy, I see a knuckle on my leg.
(Mommy, I see a freckle on my leg.)
-15.10.2014 Little E

After finishing her alphabet game Big Ive exclaimed, “I won the whole entire iPad!”

Trinkle trees!
(Trick or treat)
-31.10.2014 Little E

I have a piece of mastisstance!
(The piece of resistance from Lego movie)
-17.11.2014 Little E

Little E has eye-brawls (eyebrows) and Big Ive has eye-leashes (eyelashes).

-01.04.2015 Little E

The hot is still there.
(Trying to say her oatmeal is still hot.)
-01.04.2015 Little E

Big Ive kept calling the enchiladas “bazanya”, like lasagna.
-01.22.2015 Big Ive

“Base-ket-ball” Basketball
-01.18.2015 Little E

Big Ive: What are those called that goes on a string and has a hole in the middle?
Me: Beads.
Big Ive: Yeah!
-01.16.2015 This was a conversation with Big Ive in the car on the way home from school one afternoon. We have many conversations like this where she describes something in the strangest details and expects me to fully understand.

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