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Happy Valentine’s day from HausMiller

These are the cute little Valentines the girls handed out in class on Tuesday.  Big Ive helped me fold all of the jumping origami frogs they handed out with the cards.img_7885

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New IKEA opening adventure

JR and I went to the new IKEA building opening on February 8, 2017.  The old IKEA building in Burbank was 26 years old and much smaller than their newer ones.  The new IKEA building is now the biggest in the world and has it’s own parking garage.  JR and I went for the adventure of opening day — and we hoped we would score some free stuff!

After dropping the girls off at school, we got to IKEA a little after 8am.  Opening was scheduled for 9am.  The line was already huge.  There was no way we were in the first 26 people in line to win a new sofa, or in the first 100 people in line to win a POANG chair.  Oh, well.  JR got a stuffed heart toy and they were still giving out about 2000 little gold envelopes with random gifts.  Ours had a buy one, get one free cinnamon bun card inside.  One of those gift cards with a monetary value would have been nice.  : )

In traditional non-tradition IKEA style they had a log sawing instead of a ribbon cutting ceremony.  One of the associates played trombone while another sang the national anthem while the American flag was being raised.  It was a fun little opening ceremony.

A friend of mine came along and we walked through the entire showroom and the warehouse below.  The line for the cafeteria was about a 90 minute wait.  We did not think it was worth 90 minutes for meatballs.

The only thing I bought was a child-size POANG chair.  We had 2 for the girls and JR needs his own now.

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First visit to Disneyland for the kids

LOML was able to get us some one-day passes to The Happiest Place on Earth.  We decided that was a good reason to take the kids, even though we hadn’t been planning to visit Disneyland at this time.  The last time I had been to Disneyland was when I was in high school.  LOML hadn’t been since he was 6!

We didn’t tell the kids what we were doing and they managed to guess what it was as we drove down to Disneyland.  When I first asked them what the surprise was they guessed going to get ice cream, going to the park, and going to paint pottery.  Those are all fun things to do, too.  We didn’t try to get everything done.  We didn’t want to rush and we didn’t want to push the kids on rides that might scare them.  Our kids can be very sweet and sensitive to scary things at times.

It was a really fun day, even if it was cloudy and on the cool side.  The kids had no idea what Disneyland had in it.  They rode the rocketship ride first and asked if they could just keep riding that.  We didn’t talk up all of the many many things to do at Disney, so they were content to just go with the flow.  We rode Roger Rabbit’s ride, the train, Storybook boats, small world, Dumbo, Pinocchio, the jungle cruise, carousel, Buzz Lightyear ride.  They got to see Mickey (Big Ive did not want to join in the family photo with him), Goofy (I had to give him a high-five before JR decided he could), Pluto, Mary Poppins, and Alice and the Mad Hatter.  While talking with my mom on the phone Big Ive said her favorite thing was watching the musical chairs game that Mad Hatter and Alice put on for some people during our ice cream break.

The only negative was that it was really really crowded.  It seems everyone decided to skip the Super Bowl and go to Disneyland instead.  I overheard some people saying it was as busy as it gets in July during their peak summer season.

With my 3 leg surgeries last year we never got the chance to go to a theme park.  This was definitely a fun day.  I’m so thankful my leg has recovered so well to allow me to do a whole day out on my feet with my family.

Who knows…we may just become one of those people who get the SoCal season passes so we can go more often.  : )

img_2960very first photo inside the park

img_2900I grabbed Big Ive and carried her over with me
to get the whole family in the photo with Mickey Mouse.

img_2916Family Selfie — “Felfie” — on the little train ride


Little E’s first day of Kindergarten

More than half of the school year is done, but better late than never to get this post out.  I was happy to not be in a boot and using crutches for this child’s first day of school.  And like the typical middle child, I have less photos of her than of her older sister.  I feel guilty about that often.  Also, it was really hard to divide my time between Big Ive and Little E when they both needed me on the school yard before school that first morning.  Big Ive didn’t know how to read and couldn’t find her teacher’s line without me.  Little E had no idea what to do as this was her first day at the school.  I couldn’t leave her alone.  So, with JR in tow in the little stroller we all found Big Ive’s line first and got her settled.  Then we found Little E’s line.  Big Ive looked so sad and little when I had to leave her to go to Little E’s line.

Little E was excited to begin kindergarten at the school.  Her 5th birthday was just 3 days before school started.  (We later found out there was only 1 child with a birthday later than hers.)  She probably wondered why she hadn’t already been allowed to go to school there.  It is sometimes hard to be the little sister.

Her teacher, Frau KT (KindergartenTeacher), waited until all of the older children had gone to their classes before we started walking to her classroom.  Little E had to deposit her snack bag and lunch box in the right buckets, put her backpack in the cubby, find her desk and go sit on the carpet at the front of the classroom.  Then it was time for me to say goodbye and wait 5 hours to see her again.

le_kinderday1waiting in the school yard before the school day begins
new striped dress that one of her Grandmas had made

img_0196on the carpet at the front of the classroom with friends

img_0192some old friends and some new friends

img_0212happy to be done with school, with Schultüte in hand

img_0217 img_0214


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short art

I seem to enjoy creating what I consider ‘disposable’ art.  Art made on things or with things that have a short life.

braiding the girls’ hair –> braids are taken out within a day or two
hand-drawing gift tags –> thrown away with the wrapping
drawing seasonal displays on our windows and mirrors –> washed off the next season or to clean
doodling on zip-top bags for the girls’ lunches –> get thrown away after use

Although it’s not HausMillerAdventure completely in nature, I think I’m going to try to take photos of what I create and post them on here.  There’s something freeing in creating art that doesn’t have to last forever.  And it is a good exercise to find the art in the daily tasks of life, in the few minutes I have to let my mind go.

img_7575‘O Holy Night’ with chalk markers on a big wall mirror

the other giant wall mirror in our dining room decorated for Christmas
FUN FACT: as of February 4, 2017 it is still on the mirror. :)

Also, photographing mirrors is SUPER hard.

img_7565gift tags for Christmas presents
FUN FACT: no one else in the whole house cared that all the presents had matching gift tags.

2015 Halloween makeup


Some of the hairstyles I’ve been able to create with the girls’ long hair — everything from simple braids, to dutch and french braids, to topsy turvy pony tails, to an attempt to look like a unicorn.