short art

I seem to enjoy creating what I consider ‘disposable’ art.  Art made on things or with things that have a short life.

braiding the girls’ hair –> braids are taken out within a day or two
hand-drawing gift tags –> thrown away with the wrapping
drawing seasonal displays on our windows and mirrors –> washed off the next season or to clean
doodling on zip-top bags for the girls’ lunches –> get thrown away after use

Although it’s not HausMillerAdventure completely in nature, I think I’m going to try to take photos of what I create and post them on here.  There’s something freeing in creating art that doesn’t have to last forever.  And it is a good exercise to find the art in the daily tasks of life, in the few minutes I have to let my mind go.

img_7575‘O Holy Night’ with chalk markers on a big wall mirror

the other giant wall mirror in our dining room decorated for Christmas
FUN FACT: as of February 4, 2017 it is still on the mirror. :)

Also, photographing mirrors is SUPER hard.

img_7565gift tags for Christmas presents
FUN FACT: no one else in the whole house cared that all the presents had matching gift tags.

2015 Halloween makeup

One thought on “short art

  1. Sandy says:

    MomMom, I truly see it as a gift. I love your notes and the messages, birthday greetings, etc. you’ve created over the years. Keep it up. Could become a marketable service. I love it!

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