Little E’s first day of Kindergarten

More than half of the school year is done, but better late than never to get this post out.  I was happy to not be in a boot and using crutches for this child’s first day of school.  And like the typical middle child, I have less photos of her than of her older sister.  I feel guilty about that often.  Also, it was really hard to divide my time between Big Ive and Little E when they both needed me on the school yard before school that first morning.  Big Ive didn’t know how to read and couldn’t find her teacher’s line without me.  Little E had no idea what to do as this was her first day at the school.  I couldn’t leave her alone.  So, with JR in tow in the little stroller we all found Big Ive’s line first and got her settled.  Then we found Little E’s line.  Big Ive looked so sad and little when I had to leave her to go to Little E’s line.

Little E was excited to begin kindergarten at the school.  Her 5th birthday was just 3 days before school started.  (We later found out there was only 1 child with a birthday later than hers.)  She probably wondered why she hadn’t already been allowed to go to school there.  It is sometimes hard to be the little sister.

Her teacher, Frau KT (KindergartenTeacher), waited until all of the older children had gone to their classes before we started walking to her classroom.  Little E had to deposit her snack bag and lunch box in the right buckets, put her backpack in the cubby, find her desk and go sit on the carpet at the front of the classroom.  Then it was time for me to say goodbye and wait 5 hours to see her again.

le_kinderday1waiting in the school yard before the school day begins
new striped dress that one of her Grandmas had made

img_0196on the carpet at the front of the classroom with friends

img_0192some old friends and some new friends

img_0212happy to be done with school, with Schultüte in hand

img_0217 img_0214


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