First visit to Disneyland for the kids

LOML was able to get us some one-day passes to The Happiest Place on Earth.  We decided that was a good reason to take the kids, even though we hadn’t been planning to visit Disneyland at this time.  The last time I had been to Disneyland was when I was in high school.  LOML hadn’t been since he was 6!

We didn’t tell the kids what we were doing and they managed to guess what it was as we drove down to Disneyland.  When I first asked them what the surprise was they guessed going to get ice cream, going to the park, and going to paint pottery.  Those are all fun things to do, too.  We didn’t try to get everything done.  We didn’t want to rush and we didn’t want to push the kids on rides that might scare them.  Our kids can be very sweet and sensitive to scary things at times.

It was a really fun day, even if it was cloudy and on the cool side.  The kids had no idea what Disneyland had in it.  They rode the rocketship ride first and asked if they could just keep riding that.  We didn’t talk up all of the many many things to do at Disney, so they were content to just go with the flow.  We rode Roger Rabbit’s ride, the train, Storybook boats, small world, Dumbo, Pinocchio, the jungle cruise, carousel, Buzz Lightyear ride.  They got to see Mickey (Big Ive did not want to join in the family photo with him), Goofy (I had to give him a high-five before JR decided he could), Pluto, Mary Poppins, and Alice and the Mad Hatter.  While talking with my mom on the phone Big Ive said her favorite thing was watching the musical chairs game that Mad Hatter and Alice put on for some people during our ice cream break.

The only negative was that it was really really crowded.  It seems everyone decided to skip the Super Bowl and go to Disneyland instead.  I overheard some people saying it was as busy as it gets in July during their peak summer season.

With my 3 leg surgeries last year we never got the chance to go to a theme park.  This was definitely a fun day.  I’m so thankful my leg has recovered so well to allow me to do a whole day out on my feet with my family.

Who knows…we may just become one of those people who get the SoCal season passes so we can go more often.  : )

img_2960very first photo inside the park

img_2900I grabbed Big Ive and carried her over with me
to get the whole family in the photo with Mickey Mouse.

img_2916Family Selfie — “Felfie” — on the little train ride


One thought on “First visit to Disneyland for the kids

  1. liz hall says:

    Awesome time! Memories….

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