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[daily life] language

“I really don’t like without holding him.”

-Big Ive 10.04.2015 meaning she doesn’t like not being able to hold the baby.

I’ll put it in something special … called a potato.
-Big Ive 14.04.2015

Maybe there’s a rat in the little door. Or a baby monster or alien.
-Big Ive 18.04.2015

Me, too! Me, too! I tried one lasterday and my grandfather told me I could have one!
-Little E 09.05.2015 referring to ginger ale on the flight.

The song Paprazzi turned into Papa Roxie, according to Big Ive. “I know the song she sang to her Papa Roxie. Papa papa papa Roxie.”

Me: what are you doing, Little E?
Little E: making a booby track.

When you cut down a tree and you see the round thing that tells you how old the tree is. It’s a bean-stomp.
-05.06.2015 Big Ive. A tree stump mixed with bean stalk.

Cactuses have a sense of skin.
-Big Ive 13.06.2015

I know bullseye. It’s giddy up in German.
-Little E 28.06.2015

Me: we bought a kiddie pool for the backyard.
Big Ive: but it’s only for humans.

Big Ive, stop talking my words!
-Little E 04.07.2015

Sometimes the trees are little little little
Little little little
Little little little
Sometimes the trees are big big big
Sometimes the trees are dead dead dead
01.08.2015 Little E, sung to the Wheels on the Bus

More ringles, please. (Pringles)
-Little E 09.08.2015

“That thing you have to squeeze and open to make music.” What is it? An accordion.
-Big Ive 09.08.2015

Mom! Ants go in line with what they do.
-Little E 20.08.2015

Laser eggs!
-Little E 22.08.1015 laser rays.

Little E playing doctor on me: “let me check your knee-flexes. Let me check your heart-beep again.”

Sucker cup (suction cup)
-Big Ive 03.09.2015

“Every people is a person, right, Mom?”
“Maybe we can have a playover someday,” Little E said to Tarzan, a preschool friend. Like a mix of play date and sleepover.

Big Ive said, “Germany is called Englischland.”

Ich bin die Katze. I am a cat.
Ich bin die Schnecke. I am the snail.
Ich bins der Rabbit. I am the rabbit.
-29.08.2015 Little E reading a German book to herself.

Everyone do that on my planet.
-15.10.2015 Little E.

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[daily life] language

Long overdue. I’m trying to figure out life in our new city and most days it’s pretty crazy. I hope to post more soon.



I’m a resth-cute.
“I’m a rescue,” said while wearing her batgirl cape.
-Little E 21.01.2014

I tryin’ a yuppin’. (Said while trying to sweep.)
– Little E 29.01.2014

You daddy, daddy.
-Little E 06.02.2014

How she sit correctily?
“How does she sit correctly?” She was building a mega block chair for a stuffed sheep.
-Big Ive 11.02.2014

Can I machen zu?
“Can I close it?” ‘Machen zu’ is to make closed.
-Big Ive 22.02.2014

I have applesth (pointing to her ankles).
-Little E 26.02.2014

Very first thing Little E said when she saw me upon waking in the morning: Eisth cream. Can we go get Eisth cream?

-03.08.2014: I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it.

Daddy, I’ll fleug it to you.
“Daddy, I’ll fly it to you.” She used the German word when talking about her paper airplane.
-Big Ive 11.03.2014

Compitated. Mom’s compitated. Daddy’s compitated. Little E’s compitated.
-Big Ive 20.03.2014 ‘complicated’

Uhh, Daddy? Disth is a bycthacle.
-10.04.2014 Little E, when she first noticed Big Ive’s new bike (before Big Ive had gotten up in the morning).

Dersth a tummy in you baby. (There’s a baby in your tummy.)
– Little E 14.04.2014

…with a very serious look on her face.. ‘His birthday is in 20.’
-Big Ive 26.04.2014 I’m not sure what kind of 20 that is.

Da balloonsth are growin’ outsthide, Daddy! Da balloonsth are growin’!
-Little E 27.04.2014 We had balloons on sticks for Big Ive’s birthday party and they were stuck in the flower boxes outside.

Me: Big Ive, do you want to play I spy?
Big Ive: ice pie?

I’m not the sweetest one. I’m the cool one. Little E is the sweet one.
-05.05.2014 Big Ive, after I said I have two sweet girls because I usually call Little E my Sweet Girl.

I’m thinking the baby should have red hair like me. I’m thinking the baby should have green eyes like you. I’m thinking the baby should have a mouth. And I’m thinking the baby should have a nose.
-06.05.2014 Big Ive

He’sth a little bit! (He’s little!)
-08.05.2014 Little E

A present-taper?
“Present-paper?” (Meaning wrapping paper. These were said very slowly, trying to get the new conjoined word out.)
-11.05.2014 Big Ive

We were at a restaurant and Little E managed to knock over Chris’ beer. Both Chris and I let out a f*ckin-A. To which a Big Ive echoed, clear as day, flockin-A. It was hilarious. So now we are saying that, which I’m sure is not any better than the real words. Little E has picked it up now, too.

Oh, my neck doesn’t put the noodle inside.
-Big Ive 21.05.2014 She was eating noodles and felt like one got caught in her throat a little. Took a drink and all was fine.

Be carefully, ok? Be carefully.
-Little E 05.30.2014

Oh, my tummy. My tummy doesn’t have so many choices!
-Big Ive 05.30.2014

Here’sth sthome a-more butter. Sthome a-more.
-Little E 30.05.2014

I’m an engtineer. I’m a fix kid.
“I’m an engineer and a fix-it kid.”
-Big Ive 09.06.2014

I put my lips in my mouf and make elephant words.
-Big Ive 12.06.2914

I hear something over there. It’s the washmacleaner. (washing machine)
-Big Ive 29.06.2012

I just wanna stay away from mommy.
I’m allergic.
-Big Ive 01.07.2014

Da ansthwersth (answers in Little E-speak) are gonna get usth (us)!
-Little E 02.07.2014

Squirt water! (Sprinkler)
-Little E 14.07.2014

Does Little E have a tail fox zipper? A tail fox zipper?
(A fox tail zipper, because her new little backpack looks like a little red fox.)
-Big Ive 15.07.2014

Little E: I don’t know where your hair is.
Grandpa: I don’t know either.
-10.08.2014 Little E referring to grandpa’s balding head while playing

I have room. It’s on the side!
-10.08.2014 Big Ive, referring to the room in her stomach for frozen yogurt

(Bubblegum. She was so sure of it being said like that.)
-18.08.2014 Big Ive

No, pleasthe.
“No, please.”
-29.08.2014 Little E’s version of ‘no thank you’.

Stop putting air in my ear! (I was breathing too closely to her, I guess.)
-Big Ive 18.09.2014

I wanna slide down a big mountain where there’s lots of snow on the bottom, lots of snow on the middle, and lots of snow on the top.
-19.09.2014 Big Ive

Kritzel-kratzel drawing = scribbling in German
-23.09.2014 Big Ive

Little yelled over to me, “Hey mom! Come see Charlotte.”
I walk over to her in the back patio and she says, “Hi, Charlotte. My name is Little E.”
-29.09.2014 Little E talking to the little spider she found in the cooler in the back patio.

I don’t want them take my bed!
-29.09.2014 Little E said this about the movers packing up her bed.

I’m gonna miss Germany a lot.
-01.10.2014 Big Ive. [[I know, kid. Me, too.  Me, too.]]

Mommy, it’s no schlimm.
“Mommy, it’s not so bad.”
-02.10.2014 Big Ive, said after I pointed out she dribbled chocolate milk on her white shirt.

Me to Little E: Shhh! You’re so loud!
Big Ive’s reply: I can’t hear my paper.

I want some so viel!
(‘so viel’ means ‘a lot’. She wanted a lot of coins to play with.)
-04.10.2014 Little E

Ooooohhhh, dat’sth stho Süß.
(Oh, that’s so Süß. Süß =sweet. Said while flipping to a new page in a coloring book.)
-06.10.2014 Little E

This is yummy salt.
-12.10.2014 Big Ive, referring to the sugar on her donut.

Hey, my thumb is wrinkly. Can I suck dis one (the other one)?
(Said as she walked in the living room right after waking up in the morning.)
-13.10.2014 Little E

Mommy, I see a knuckle on my leg.
(Mommy, I see a freckle on my leg.)
-15.10.2014 Little E

After finishing her alphabet game Big Ive exclaimed, “I won the whole entire iPad!”

Trinkle trees!
(Trick or treat)
-31.10.2014 Little E

I have a piece of mastisstance!
(The piece of resistance from Lego movie)
-17.11.2014 Little E

Little E has eye-brawls (eyebrows) and Big Ive has eye-leashes (eyelashes).

-01.04.2015 Little E

The hot is still there.
(Trying to say her oatmeal is still hot.)
-01.04.2015 Little E

Big Ive kept calling the enchiladas “bazanya”, like lasagna.
-01.22.2015 Big Ive

“Base-ket-ball” Basketball
-01.18.2015 Little E

Big Ive: What are those called that goes on a string and has a hole in the middle?
Me: Beads.
Big Ive: Yeah!
-01.16.2015 This was a conversation with Big Ive in the car on the way home from school one afternoon. We have many conversations like this where she describes something in the strangest details and expects me to fully understand.

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Quick Update

Sorry for the delay in posts the past 2 months.  There has been a lot and nothing happening at the same time.  Here’s a quick list of the highlights.

  1. I am 17 weeks pregnant today.  The baby is due in November.
  2. I developed a crazy bad sudden allergy to rapeseed during this pregnancy.  Rapeseed is grown abundantly in our region in Germany, unfortunately.  I thought I had a bad sinus infection for 3 weeks before I finally got an allergy test.  As the flowers disappeared on the fields my symptoms have been decreasing and I finally feel better.  Between the first trimester pregnancy exhaustion and the allergy I was literally sitting on the sofa for 3 weeks and did basically nothing.  Thank goodness LOML was working from home and was able to help so much.
  3. We threw a big birthday party for Big Ive a couple weeks after her 4th birthday.  We invited a bunch of her little German friends from the Kindergarten.  The puzzle themed party was a big success, even if it was a bit on the chaotic side with so many kids.  :)
  4. My mom came for a 4 week visit as a birthday surprise for me.  LOML worked it out and paid for her ticket over.  It’s been great having her here.
  5. LOML’s parents were also here for 2 weeks and we had a blast.
  6. We took a 5 day trip to Belgium with my mom and LOML’s parents and all 4 of us — Brussels, Oostende (stumbled upon a sail boat festival!), Brugges (went to an organ concert in the Our Lady cathedral for the dedication of their brand new organ), and just about the best zoo I’ve been in in the world called Paira Daiza.  Fantastic little road trip.
  7. The Schwimmbad opened in our village and we’ve been swimming 2 times in a week.  The girls seem to be ok with the frigid water temperature.  As someone who grew up in the desert, I don’t like to swim until the water is about 80F.  The Germans think that is far too warm.
  8. The girls and I will be visiting the States for 2 months starting tomorrow.  My brother is getting married and we’ll be spending a week with LOML’s family and lots of other things planned.  It’s a little too long to be gone from home, but it’ll be good to have enough time to spend with family and friends.  LOML will be there for part of the time, but he has to return for work for some of the 2 months we’ll be gone.
  9. LOML and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary the beginning of June.  It’s crazy to think we’ve been married 9 years.
  10. I celebrated my 30th birthday.  We had a great day of German breakfast at the bakery, time playing in a local castle ruin, and then LOML surprised me with my German band who played a little birthday serenade in the town square.  It was the best birthday and one I will remember forever.

Hopefully now that I’m feeling better I can get back to more regular posts with photos.


more puddle jumping photos

Here are a few more photos of a fun afternoon jumping in puddles at the end of December.

DSC05273 DSC05258 DSC05259 DSC05260 DSC05261 DSC05262 DSC05263 DSC05264 DSC05265 DSC05266 DSC05267 DSC05270 DSC05271 DSC05272

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Something to do on a cold rainy early Feburary afternoon

Something, that I’m sure the other German parents thought I was crazy for — letting my girls stomp in puddles and walk in the rain for 20 minutes in 41F weather. I am positive the other parents thought I was off my rocker when they picked up their children and saw me encouraging mine to stomp in puddles.  Hey, at least I brought their rainboots along.  And they had a fleece sweater under their winter coats, and hats on so they were in no way cold out there.  And when we got home we had Kinderchinos (luke-warm not-so-chocolaty chocolate milk) to really warm up.

And, if you can’t tell by the photos, the girls L-O-V-E-D it.  I got a couple of good mom points yesterday afternoon for this one.  : )

When I dropped them off at Kindergarten in the morning I told them I would walk to pick them up and they could use their new colorful umbrellas they got for Christmas.  But, when the time came to pick them up I couldn’t find my umbrella and didn’t want to walk the .75mi round trip with only my rain jacket.  I often have to carry one or the other kid for a period on this walk home (we walk most days) and wasn’t about to do that with the rain, their bags, our umbrellas, it being wet.  No thank you.  So, I drove to pick them up and they were elated to see their umbrellas and jump in the rain.



DSC01686She was upset when I took the umbrella from her as it was being pulled away by the wind.
It wasn’t like I was trying to keep it away from her, silly girl.
I gave it right back and all was well with the world.

Ireland viking horn hat courtesy of dad.

DSC01685Let’s scoop the water from the puddle with the umbrella!!!


DSC01676This was her favorite puddle.
It was maybe a few centimeters deep and perfect for splashing with little feet in pink Hello Kitty boots.

DSC01677My sweet girls.


DSC01673Can anyone explain her recent fascination with pulling her hat down over her eyes and attempting to walk?  She does this nearly every day when we walk to school.  I don’t get it.


DSC01679“Why, yes, I think I will close up my umbrella while it is still clearly raining.  That is a good though, Self.”

DSC01680Perfect puddle jumping.

DSC01675Most of the time the girls ran around with their umbrellas everywhere except over their heads.  Oh, to be 2 and 3 years old and not have a care in the world but to find the best puddles to stomp in.

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[daily life] language + 3 recent photos!

DSC05309 Trying to climb the castle ruins about 30minutes from our house on New Year’s Day.

From my sister: As I close the door to get ready to shower my niece yells through it, “Let me know if you need anything, ok, Auntie? Ok?” Lol she’s so sweet…
-Big Ive 05.11.2013

Kane-kuh so much!
-Little E 05.11.2013 (Thank you so much!)

Auntie, can you be nice to me?
-Big Ive 14.11.2013

Mommy, you’re a genius!
-Big Ive 15.11.2013

Tiggy tail.
-Little E 15.11.2013 (Piggy tail.)

I am a Mom.
-Big Ive 17.11.2013  (Probably said after I told her to stop mothering her sister as I was the mommy and she is the sister.)

Me, to the girls: say night night baby cousin!
My little brother, speaking for his infant daughter: night night toddler cousins!
Big Ive: We not cousins. I Big Ive and she Little E.

Me: What did a Big Ive say?
Big Ive: No. I said, what-da what-da hey!

Can you put that down? So you don’t fall?
Big Ive 17.11.2013, in reference to my armrest in the car

Lindberger cheese became hamburger cheese and muenster cheese became monster cheese in the car on the night of November 17, 2013.

On this same car trip Big Ive was very intent on finding the cars while we drove on the freeway.

Gampers is making mom a princess! (Looking at wedding photos with AZ Grandma-grandma.)
-Big Ive 18.11.2013

I sthoakin’ wet.
-Little E 18.11.2013  (“I’m soaking wet”, when she was perfectly dry.)

Hey – pay wif me!
Little E 20.11.2013 (Hey, play with me!)

“Sthcusthe you.”
Little E 21.11.2013 (excuse you).

Ida hasth boogiesth in meinsth earsth.
Little E 23.11.2013 (I have boogies in my ears.)

I-stha hooldin sthisthersth handsth.
Little E 23.11.2013 (I’m holding sister’s hand.)

Umi go-gglsth (umi goggles)
Umi dollarsth (umi dollars)
Little E 23.11.2013

Ge-off uh my da-ee.
Little E 23.11.2013 (Get off of my daddy)

ZWEE-bah. (Zebra)
Little E 26.11.2013

A fishing-dadoh. (Aficionado )
-Big Ive 28.11.2013

It’s a button, Dad. It’s a button!
Little E 1.12.2013 referring to his nipple

They’re song-in’, mama.
Little E 12.12.2013 (They’re singing mama.)

DSC05314Silly little girls sitting on a wall of the castle ruins.  Big Ive climbed up by herself and Little E desperately tried to follow, but couldn’t do it herself.  LOML lifted her up and placed her a little away from Big Ive.  That’s when they decided they had to be right. next. to. one another.

You love Big Ive? You love Little E? You love momma? You love Kleenex? You love soap? You love Little E?
-Little E 12.12.2013, Said as we were taking her up to bed I told her to say I love you, dad, and we had a whole conversation about who and what dad loves.

Little E: What’sth dat?
Me: My necklace.
Little E: I wear it?

Let’s get out of the cool afore we get our jammies wet.
-Big Ive 13.12.2013
(Lets get out of the [pretend] pool before we get our jammies wet.)

This afternoon, after we had gotten back from a day trip to Metz, France, Big Ive saw that LOML had just finished his beer. So, she does what any good 3.5 year old daughter does, she went to get him another beer. The best part is that she noticed his preferred brand of beer was not in the refrigerator, so she took it upon herself to get 3 beers from the case in the pantry and put them in the fridge. Unfortunately, she dropped one and it broke, getting beer and glass shards all over the pantry floor. But, it’s the sweet thought of a loving daughter that counts most.

I’m finding out I’m a kid!
Big Ive 26.12.2013

Patty cake, make der Mann.
Big Ive 26.12.2013 (I love how they combine the 2 languages.)

The pans are made out of mirrors!
-Big Ive 26.12.2013 (The pots and pans are shiny and look like mirrors.)

I have 4,000 teeth.
Big Ive 26.12.2013

Sthkusthking. (Disgusting)
-Little E 28.12.2013

I’ll eat this for a few more minutes and then I’ll have ‘zert. (Dessert)
-Big Ive 28.12.2013

I appreciate it Mom’s cooking.
Big Ive 28.12.2013

Here, Mom. I got sthalad.
Little E 29.12.2012 Said while handing me a toy plate with a toy piece of lettuce.

I make a bidge. For toolsth.
Little E 30.12.2013 (“I made a bridge for tools.”)

Ber is Big Ive’sth pucup. Ber is Big Ive’sth sthcool cup. I found she’s cup!
Little E 06.01.2014
(There is Big Ive’s sippy cup. I found her cup!)

Where isth my knucklesth?
Little E 06.01.2014 (Where are my nipples?)

I eat my yogurt alwaysth.
Little E 12.01.2014

Ber isth da odder one blankie! I found it!!
-Little E 12.01.2014

Big Ive: Is our cooking done? Oder nicht? (Or not?)
LOML: Nicht. (Not.)
Big Ive: Daddy ‘sagt, ‘nicht’. (Daddy said no.)

DSC05325Having fun at the castle ruins.  Big Ive thinks she’s so big now because she can climb up on small wall ruins by herself.

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So where did the first half of 2013 go?

I feel like my life keeps speeding up, going faster and faster, and no one else notices.  Maybe LOML does.  He’s on this roller coaster with me.

So, yeah.  If you are still following my blog you will have noticed I have not been so good with the postings lately.  This half of a year has been very busy.  January was in Arizona.  February we came back to Germany and got re-acquainted with this time zone. March I started my German classes, which I am still taking.

Err… they finished the end of June.  It is now the end of July.  Time.  It keeps getting faster.  Didn’t I say this at the beginning??

March, April and May were kind of a blur for me.  We were sick a lot with the Kindergarten Kold because the weather was so terrible for so long.  So cold and dark and wet and long.

I did, however, enjoy my German classes.  I really like learning this language.  The classes are every week day from 8:30am – 12:30pm.  Each module is 1 month long.  So far, I have completed 4 modules and am at a beginning/intermediate language level.  You can think of it as a part-time job, my 20 hours a week of class time.  I have to get up and ready in the morning.  Then get the girls up and ready and dropped off at the Kindergarten at 7:45am.  Well, ideally they would be there between 7:30 and 7:45.  That usually doesn’t happen.  Yeah, I think I’ve gotten them there at that time about 10 times the past 4 months.  Normally it’s closer to 8, which makes me late to school because I have a 30 minute drive each way.  Whatevs.  The teachers are super nice and understanding.  Mostly they can’t believe that a mother with 2 small children would be taking this class to begin with.

The last week of class my dad and older brother arrived for a visit.  The first week of July we drove to Croatia for a week-long vacation.  (I feel very European now because I only want to refer to it as a holiday, not a vacation.)  We searched for — and found! — the villages of one branch of our family tree.  It was awesome to experience this with my dad and brother.  It would have been better if the rest of my siblings had been able to make it this summer, too.

The past 2 and a half weeks I have been home from school while the girls are in Kindergarten. (Today is their last day before a 3 week summer break.)  In my mind, I envisioned myself getting loads and loads of stuff done around the house.  Refinish the dining room table!  Organize the stored clothes!  Clear out the clutter!  Yeah.  Not so much stuff has gotten done.  Do you even know how much clothing miniature humans require in a year and a half time span?  Ridiculous.  Like, at least 12 diaper boxes worth of clothes.  And that’s not counting the ones in their dresser, the ones my mom took back with her, and the ones folded from when I did laundry earlier this week that haven’t gotten put away.

Little E wore 9 month sized clothes when we moved here (at 4 months of age) and is now in 3-4T size (kid is big.  and dense.  and super cute.).  Big Ive is only in size 4-5T herself (she’s a skinny tall one, my ginger).  I know kids grow, but I forget in the day to day until I see evidence of what used to be.  Somehow Little E is turning 2 in 11 days.  That can’t possible be right.  No way.

Onward and upward to finish out the rest of the calendar year, I guess.  At some point LOML and I will know where we’ll be living after September.  Until then we keep living each day, enjoying the gift of life we’ve been given.  When we know what we’re doing I will definitely let you know.  This Germany adventure may continue for a couple more years.  Or we could be moving back States-side.

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[daily life] language

“Where’s the store lunch of it?” -Big Ive 06.04.2013
Where’s the supper restaurant?

“I have flower birthday. Polka-aught birthday. And another polka-aught birthday. Und I have fish birthday!” -Big Ive 09.04.2013  She was talking about her birthday presents.  They were wrapped in flower, polka-dot and fish wrapping papers.  She talked like each present was a birthday, not that a day was a birthday.

“Möchte me helpfe?” -Big Ive 27.04.2013

“Mamma!  Where is you?!” -Big Ive 01.05.2013, when she woke up in the middle of the night crying

wailing: “I just burp!” -Big Ive 01.05.2013, when she woke up in the middle of the night crying and wailing

“Happy birthday! ::few second pause:: To you!” -Little E 01.05.2013.  We had a friend over and we celebrated her birthday.  Little E was yelling this with great concern the rest of the evening.  She woke up the next morning and said it a couple of times, as well.

“Mom, der’s spider wedge here.  I have to bacuum it.” -Big Ive 04.05.2013

“‘Pider!” -Little E 03.05.2013  She said this as we were walking home from school when she saw some white fluff on the ground, thinking it was a spider web.  I don’t think she understands the little creature is a spider and the white stuff is a web.

“Don’t say me no, Momma.” -Big Ive 04.05.2013

“Please take your ringens off, Mom.” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Please take your earrings off, Mom.

“Lorlax!” -Little E 06.05.2013
This is her way to say Lorax, as in the movie and Dr. Seuss book.  She does this sort of flip with her tongue to get that ‘rl’ in the middle to come out.  So cute.

“Can I play with my clamicks?” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Can I play with my magnets?

“Dad, you go upstairs and have a nap wif mom-dad bed.” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Dad, go upstairs and take a nap in mom & dad’s bed.

“I-self! I-self!” -Little E 11.05.2013
Myself! Myself! as in, Let Me Do It Myself!

Salattuce -Big Ive 14.05.2013  This is the combination of the German word, Salat, and the English word, lettuce, which mean the same thing.  The past couple of weeks have shown her starting to experiment more with both languages, and in some instances like this, combining both languages in one word.  Crazy that her brain just understand Salat and lettuce mean the same thing.

“Groshreyore” -Big Ive 26.05.2013
Grocery store

“Food and a counters.  And and and a pantry. And some, and some.” -Big Ive 30.05.2013  I wish I remember what this was about.  I’m sure we asked her a question, like to describe something, and this was her answer.

“I’m giving kisses to my friend, Elsie.” -Big Ive 30.05.2013  Makes my heart melt.

Fahrraden.  Ich mochte fahrraden with my friends. -Big Ive 04.06.2013 I want to ride bikes with my friends.  Fahrraden is a unique one because she combined Fahrrad (bicycle) and fahren (to drive/go).  You would normally say ‘Ich mochte Fahrrad fahren.”

Bechables. -Big Ive 08.06.2013 The ‘ch’ has a sort of ‘sh’ sound to it, but not the soft ‘sh’.  Do you know how hard it is to describe the sound of words without being able to give you a sound?

“How ’bout Lorlax?” -Little E 08.06.2013 ‘How about Lorax?’  She was asking to watch the movie on the iPad as she turned it on and navigated to the movie player app.

“My sword!” -Little E 08.06.2013 In reference to her garden pinwheel.

“Ja, gern.” -Big Ive08.06.2013 Her response after I asked her if she wanted some juice in German.

“Tell your Daddy he’s no help.”
“No helf.” -Big Ive 10.06.2013 She said it like the German word.

“Möchte Buch lesen, Mamma?” -Big Ive 13.06.2013 “I would like you to read me a book, mom.”  This is the first time I’ve heard her ask to have a book read to her in German.  Usually she just asks in English.

“I’m so tired ‘a go to church.” -Big Ive 16.06.2013

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[daily life] language

“Mom, what’s go on here?  What’s go on?”  -Big Ive 04.04.2013
What’s going on here?  Said with her hands on her hips and a very stern face.

::big yawn:: “I still tired.”  -Big Ive 04.04.2013  She says this every time she yawns.  I think it’s cute.  She thinks yawning is the same as being tired.

Meeyap. -Little E 08.04.2013

“Mocha (something).” -Little E This is her version of the German word möchte meaning ‘I would like’.  It sounds like she’s ordering a coffee drink along with an object.  :)

“You always make my sad, Mom.” -Big Ive 13.04.2013
You always make me sad, Mom.  She said this after I told her to clean up her Legos.

Big Ive was playing with our travel Scrabble game, snapping the letter tiles onto the board.  She came across one of the blank tiles and had to bring it over to me saying it didn’t have a letter on it.  She thought it was not supposed to go in the game because she left it sitting the the shelf when she resumed her playing.  Once she got a large rectangle of letters onto the board she exclaimed to me that she was done.  20.04.2013

Big Ive-isms on the subject of her upcoming 3rd birthday (mostly all said on 09.04.2013, the day before her birthday)

“I wanna open my birthday.”
I want to open my birthday presents.

“I have a flower birthday.  I have a polka aught birthday.  Another one polka aught birthday. Und I have a fish birthday!”
I have a flower birthday present, a polka dot present, another polka dot present and a fish present!  (I had wrapped and placed a few more after she went to bed so she was super excited about all of the presents on top of the bookshelf.)

Me: “What do you do on your birthday, Big Ive?”
Big Ive: “I open my BIRTHDAY!” (I open my birthday presents!)

“I want my birthday.”
I think she’s saying she wants her presents because she doesn’t seem to understand that a whole day is her birthday, not just the presents.

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[daily life] language

I am fascinated by the language development in my children.  I often find their trial English (and German) sayings hilarious.  Also, it is very interesting to try to phonetically spell these crazy words when your child uses sounds that do not appear in the English language.  Sorry if you are bored of my journal-entry-blog-posts on my children’s language development.  I get a kick out of the things that come out of their mouths every day.  If I don’t write them down right away I forget.  Some of the funniest things I can’t even recall to email LOML during the day or tell him when he gets home from work.

“Beeb-up.” -Little E 16.02.2013
You would have a very hard time trying to figure out this one without the accompanying actions.  She is saying, “Sleeves up”, and trying to pull her long sleeves up.  Every time she says it I have a 2 or 3 second delay for my understanding.  And then I crack up.

“Big Ive goes night night.  The sunnyshine goes to bed, wake up in 2 minutes, then go to Big Ive’s Kindergarten.” -Big Ive 18 & 19.02.2013
This has been Big Ive’s bedtime speech ritual the past 2 nights.  I tell her that she needs to go to bed and that when the sunnyshine wakes up we can go to school to see her friends.  She is very precise on saying she will sleep for 2 minutes. [[Also, sunnyshine is very similar to the German word Sonnenschein, which, obviously, means sunshine.]]

I tend to call most children ‘friends’ when telling Big Ive and Little E who we are going to see.  Usually we don’t come across children that aren’t known to us (either we know the kids or I know the parent and we are meeting the kids).  I do this so she is more at ease when we meet new people or see children she hasn’t seen in a long time.  Consequently Big Ive has been referring to all children she sees as friends.  Kids on TV — friends.  Kids at church — friends.  Kids walking along the street in whatever village/city we’re in — friends.  While I don’t think this is a bad thing for her to view all people as friends, I am worried that as she grows up a little more it will become hurtful.  Will learning the ‘meaning’ of the word friend hurt her when she is not included in a group of people she thought were friends?

“I want hello Frau Landlady.” -Big Ive 19.02.2013
I want to say hello to Frau Landlady.  Said while walking home from school that afternoon.

The past couple of weeks Big Ive had been on a birthday kick.  She’ll often say it is her birthday, or Daddy’s birthday (never mom’s birthday, though).  At dinner tonight she was singing, “Jesus lub us, to you”, to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’.  21.02.2013

Little E used the word ‘tired’ correctly today and I understood it when she said it (which might be the greater accomplishment!).  When I was putting the girls to bed I taught her the German word for tired, müde.  She was saying it with a VERY American English accent, which was cute and funny.  21.02.2013

As I was picking up Big Ive from Kindergarten this afternoon she told me one of her friends spit on her.  “Charles* spit me.  Charles spit my shirt.”  Charles and his mother were still there getting ready to leave so we had a talk about it.  He didn’t confess and he didn’t actually say he didn’t spit on her, either.  No big deal either way. 21.02.2013

LOML asked Big Ive a couple of nights ago how her day was at school.  She said, “I play with friends.  I play with teachers.  I play with toys.”  When asked what she ate for lunch she said, “I eat supper.”  I think she says this because they have a hot, cooked lunch, which must be what she equates our supper as at home since I cook in the evenings, while lunches tend to be sandwiches or leftovers.  19.02.2013

*Names have been changed, obviously, as I try to keep this a semi-anonymous blog.

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