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[daily life] language + 3 recent photos!

DSC05309 Trying to climb the castle ruins about 30minutes from our house on New Year’s Day.

From my sister: As I close the door to get ready to shower my niece yells through it, “Let me know if you need anything, ok, Auntie? Ok?” Lol she’s so sweet…
-Big Ive 05.11.2013

Kane-kuh so much!
-Little E 05.11.2013 (Thank you so much!)

Auntie, can you be nice to me?
-Big Ive 14.11.2013

Mommy, you’re a genius!
-Big Ive 15.11.2013

Tiggy tail.
-Little E 15.11.2013 (Piggy tail.)

I am a Mom.
-Big Ive 17.11.2013  (Probably said after I told her to stop mothering her sister as I was the mommy and she is the sister.)

Me, to the girls: say night night baby cousin!
My little brother, speaking for his infant daughter: night night toddler cousins!
Big Ive: We not cousins. I Big Ive and she Little E.

Me: What did a Big Ive say?
Big Ive: No. I said, what-da what-da hey!

Can you put that down? So you don’t fall?
Big Ive 17.11.2013, in reference to my armrest in the car

Lindberger cheese became hamburger cheese and muenster cheese became monster cheese in the car on the night of November 17, 2013.

On this same car trip Big Ive was very intent on finding the cars while we drove on the freeway.

Gampers is making mom a princess! (Looking at wedding photos with AZ Grandma-grandma.)
-Big Ive 18.11.2013

I sthoakin’ wet.
-Little E 18.11.2013  (“I’m soaking wet”, when she was perfectly dry.)

Hey – pay wif me!
Little E 20.11.2013 (Hey, play with me!)

“Sthcusthe you.”
Little E 21.11.2013 (excuse you).

Ida hasth boogiesth in meinsth earsth.
Little E 23.11.2013 (I have boogies in my ears.)

I-stha hooldin sthisthersth handsth.
Little E 23.11.2013 (I’m holding sister’s hand.)

Umi go-gglsth (umi goggles)
Umi dollarsth (umi dollars)
Little E 23.11.2013

Ge-off uh my da-ee.
Little E 23.11.2013 (Get off of my daddy)

ZWEE-bah. (Zebra)
Little E 26.11.2013

A fishing-dadoh. (Aficionado )
-Big Ive 28.11.2013

It’s a button, Dad. It’s a button!
Little E 1.12.2013 referring to his nipple

They’re song-in’, mama.
Little E 12.12.2013 (They’re singing mama.)

DSC05314Silly little girls sitting on a wall of the castle ruins.  Big Ive climbed up by herself and Little E desperately tried to follow, but couldn’t do it herself.  LOML lifted her up and placed her a little away from Big Ive.  That’s when they decided they had to be right. next. to. one another.

You love Big Ive? You love Little E? You love momma? You love Kleenex? You love soap? You love Little E?
-Little E 12.12.2013, Said as we were taking her up to bed I told her to say I love you, dad, and we had a whole conversation about who and what dad loves.

Little E: What’sth dat?
Me: My necklace.
Little E: I wear it?

Let’s get out of the cool afore we get our jammies wet.
-Big Ive 13.12.2013
(Lets get out of the [pretend] pool before we get our jammies wet.)

This afternoon, after we had gotten back from a day trip to Metz, France, Big Ive saw that LOML had just finished his beer. So, she does what any good 3.5 year old daughter does, she went to get him another beer. The best part is that she noticed his preferred brand of beer was not in the refrigerator, so she took it upon herself to get 3 beers from the case in the pantry and put them in the fridge. Unfortunately, she dropped one and it broke, getting beer and glass shards all over the pantry floor. But, it’s the sweet thought of a loving daughter that counts most.

I’m finding out I’m a kid!
Big Ive 26.12.2013

Patty cake, make der Mann.
Big Ive 26.12.2013 (I love how they combine the 2 languages.)

The pans are made out of mirrors!
-Big Ive 26.12.2013 (The pots and pans are shiny and look like mirrors.)

I have 4,000 teeth.
Big Ive 26.12.2013

Sthkusthking. (Disgusting)
-Little E 28.12.2013

I’ll eat this for a few more minutes and then I’ll have ‘zert. (Dessert)
-Big Ive 28.12.2013

I appreciate it Mom’s cooking.
Big Ive 28.12.2013

Here, Mom. I got sthalad.
Little E 29.12.2012 Said while handing me a toy plate with a toy piece of lettuce.

I make a bidge. For toolsth.
Little E 30.12.2013 (“I made a bridge for tools.”)

Ber is Big Ive’sth pucup. Ber is Big Ive’sth sthcool cup. I found she’s cup!
Little E 06.01.2014
(There is Big Ive’s sippy cup. I found her cup!)

Where isth my knucklesth?
Little E 06.01.2014 (Where are my nipples?)

I eat my yogurt alwaysth.
Little E 12.01.2014

Ber isth da odder one blankie! I found it!!
-Little E 12.01.2014

Big Ive: Is our cooking done? Oder nicht? (Or not?)
LOML: Nicht. (Not.)
Big Ive: Daddy ‘sagt, ‘nicht’. (Daddy said no.)

DSC05325Having fun at the castle ruins.  Big Ive thinks she’s so big now because she can climb up on small wall ruins by herself.

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[daily life] language

“Where’s the store lunch of it?” -Big Ive 06.04.2013
Where’s the supper restaurant?

“I have flower birthday. Polka-aught birthday. And another polka-aught birthday. Und I have fish birthday!” -Big Ive 09.04.2013  She was talking about her birthday presents.  They were wrapped in flower, polka-dot and fish wrapping papers.  She talked like each present was a birthday, not that a day was a birthday.

“Möchte me helpfe?” -Big Ive 27.04.2013

“Mamma!  Where is you?!” -Big Ive 01.05.2013, when she woke up in the middle of the night crying

wailing: “I just burp!” -Big Ive 01.05.2013, when she woke up in the middle of the night crying and wailing

“Happy birthday! ::few second pause:: To you!” -Little E 01.05.2013.  We had a friend over and we celebrated her birthday.  Little E was yelling this with great concern the rest of the evening.  She woke up the next morning and said it a couple of times, as well.

“Mom, der’s spider wedge here.  I have to bacuum it.” -Big Ive 04.05.2013

“‘Pider!” -Little E 03.05.2013  She said this as we were walking home from school when she saw some white fluff on the ground, thinking it was a spider web.  I don’t think she understands the little creature is a spider and the white stuff is a web.

“Don’t say me no, Momma.” -Big Ive 04.05.2013

“Please take your ringens off, Mom.” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Please take your earrings off, Mom.

“Lorlax!” -Little E 06.05.2013
This is her way to say Lorax, as in the movie and Dr. Seuss book.  She does this sort of flip with her tongue to get that ‘rl’ in the middle to come out.  So cute.

“Can I play with my clamicks?” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Can I play with my magnets?

“Dad, you go upstairs and have a nap wif mom-dad bed.” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Dad, go upstairs and take a nap in mom & dad’s bed.

“I-self! I-self!” -Little E 11.05.2013
Myself! Myself! as in, Let Me Do It Myself!

Salattuce -Big Ive 14.05.2013  This is the combination of the German word, Salat, and the English word, lettuce, which mean the same thing.  The past couple of weeks have shown her starting to experiment more with both languages, and in some instances like this, combining both languages in one word.  Crazy that her brain just understand Salat and lettuce mean the same thing.

“Groshreyore” -Big Ive 26.05.2013
Grocery store

“Food and a counters.  And and and a pantry. And some, and some.” -Big Ive 30.05.2013  I wish I remember what this was about.  I’m sure we asked her a question, like to describe something, and this was her answer.

“I’m giving kisses to my friend, Elsie.” -Big Ive 30.05.2013  Makes my heart melt.

Fahrraden.  Ich mochte fahrraden with my friends. -Big Ive 04.06.2013 I want to ride bikes with my friends.  Fahrraden is a unique one because she combined Fahrrad (bicycle) and fahren (to drive/go).  You would normally say ‘Ich mochte Fahrrad fahren.”

Bechables. -Big Ive 08.06.2013 The ‘ch’ has a sort of ‘sh’ sound to it, but not the soft ‘sh’.  Do you know how hard it is to describe the sound of words without being able to give you a sound?

“How ’bout Lorlax?” -Little E 08.06.2013 ‘How about Lorax?’  She was asking to watch the movie on the iPad as she turned it on and navigated to the movie player app.

“My sword!” -Little E 08.06.2013 In reference to her garden pinwheel.

“Ja, gern.” -Big Ive08.06.2013 Her response after I asked her if she wanted some juice in German.

“Tell your Daddy he’s no help.”
“No helf.” -Big Ive 10.06.2013 She said it like the German word.

“Möchte Buch lesen, Mamma?” -Big Ive 13.06.2013 “I would like you to read me a book, mom.”  This is the first time I’ve heard her ask to have a book read to her in German.  Usually she just asks in English.

“I’m so tired ‘a go to church.” -Big Ive 16.06.2013

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Little E’s first day of German Kindergarten

This afternoon (well… Monday 25 February 2013…when I started this post) was Little E’s first day at German Kindergarten.  And true to that saying of your first born getting all the photos and subsequent children getting none?  Well, I managed to take ZERO photos of Little E at the Kindergarten today.  Thinking about that makes me feel guilty and like a terrible mother.  Oh, well.  I did remember my camera — and to take photos! — the second day.

Let’s get on to the happy part of this post, shall we?

LE_pointing_1dayKgd-20130227A little Haferflocken on her face after eating the snack.

LE_carrytoy_1dayKgd-20130227There was lots of toy dragging / moving / relocating going on.

Little E did really well this afternoon.  She went from 1-2:15pm.  She was paired with a teacher who speaks very little English, which was interesting.  That teacher is just as nice as the rest and loves all of the children just like the rest, so it’s not a problem . . . just an interesting pairing.  She has told me a couple of times that she learned English in school, but since she didn’t use it much she forgot how to speak a lot of it, although, she does understand much more than she can speak.

Little E was SO EXCITED to go to school.  She walked right in like she owned the place.  Started to take her jacket off mere seconds after the door closed (exactly like what we do with Big Ive in the mornings).  I had put her in slip on shoes because we drove up there.  She knew regular shoes weren’t supposed to be worn and had to remove them quickly, as well.  Guess that means I’m getting her some new Hausschuhe.  [[New orange Hausschuhe on the second day were a hit!]]

She was very happy to walk room to room, but kept coming to check on me sitting on the ‘Mother’s Bench’.  It might be better if Big Ive is there to help guide her around.  Big Ive has been sick so we’ve kept her home from school 3 days so far.  She had to go eat her snack we brought, just like Big Ive does every morning she goes to school.  A few times Little E has sat at the kitchen table and eaten snack in the mornings with Big Ive, so she was familiar with it.  LOML remarked that she seems to be doing things and hitting milestones about 6 months ahead of Big Ive.

LE_kitch_1dayKgd-20130227Sitting with the big kids eating her snack.  She thinks she IS a big kid!

I asked her to go find a cow, thinking she would go over to the area with the animal toys.  No.  She went over to her little bag we brought that has a cow on it!  Smart kid!

Coloring on the first day.  Painting on the second day.

LE_stamps2_1dayKgd-20130227I lost track how many times she tried to climb this shelving unit.


LE_coloring1_1dayKgd-20130227She’s one of those kids who scribbles all over the paper with whatever color they grab.  Big Ive was never like that.  It is so different to have a kid who does not carefully color on a paper.

LE_painting_1dayKgd-20130227She wasn’t terribly fond of the painting.  She started to get alarmed when she got paint on her fingers.  The teacher tried to reassure her it was ok, as she had paint on her own fingers, but Little E was wary.  The painting didn’t last long.

The third day we got to school at 9am.  We got her settled and then I told her, “I love you. Tschüss!”  She hugged me, watched me leave.  I came back an hour later.  They said she did good.  She would play for a big, then walk to the door and cry a little.  Go back and play with something else, walk to the door and cry a little.  Big Ive did the same thing, the teachers said.

I am not worried about leaving her at the Kindergarten.  They have been treating Big Ive really well — she loves to go to school.  You can see how much they love and care for the children there.  There is no doubt that they feel the same for my girls, too.

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[daily life] language

“You want Big Ive’s yorgit, Daddy? You want Big Ive’s yorgit? – 14.12.2012  Big Ive said this as LOML came downstairs.  She was offering him her breakfast yogurt.

“I want pitabutter. Wif spoon on it.” 05.01.2013 She was trying to say she wanted a spoonful of peanut butter.

I wanna carry ya.
Carry ya (because Elsie knows now that I respond to that request she asks all the time.)
I have no idea how to spell E’s version do orange.
Auntie, saying it and recognizing her while she sleeps

As I was putting Little E into her car seat she farted. And then she said, “I heard that”. LOML always says that to Big Ive when she farts. I guess Little E picked up on it, too. 06.01.2013

“See it, da fwags, in da window?” = Do you see the flags in the window? 10.01.2013

“It’s hab polka oughts on Schuhe.” -Big Ive 13.01.2013
It has polka dots on the Schuhe (shoes).

“Kan-kuu. Welcome.” -Little E 15.02.2013″Thank you. You’re welcome.”  She says this almost every time we give her something.  Instead of just saying ‘thank you’ she always has to say both thank you and you’re welcome.  She’ll do it in German, too: Bitte, Danke.

Half of the time Big Ive refers to her Aunt Leah as Uncle Leah.  She is also working on sorting out how to correctly use pronouns — he/she, her/his, mine/yours.  A super cute thing she still says (incorrectly) is, “I wanna carry you”.  This actually means I want YOU to carry ME.  I think she says it that way because we would ask her, “You want me to carry you?”

Sometimes Big Ive speaks in third person and sometimes it’s first.  This whole language development is fascinating to watch.

On Tuesday (12.02.2013) we walked up to Big Ive’s Kindergarten in our village to say hello to the teachers.  She heard German being spoken (obviously) and a couple kids and a teacher spoke to her in German.  That night she brought a big German children’s book over to me to read.  I can fake read German to an extent.  I don’t know exactly what I’m reading but I can mostly sound out words and pronounce them right.  Well, those 2 activities got her jump started back in German mode.  She then grabbed a little book (can’t remember if it was German or English) and started ‘reading’ it with her German babble.  LOML was home and we both kind of stopped what we were doing because this was more than just German babble.  This was a mush up of more German words than we had ever heard from her before.  The kid had been seriously holding out on us!  There were quite a few real German words we could recognize.  It was awesome.  She had been away from German speakers for 2 months and then hears a couple sentences and decides to bring it all out.

“Atches, atches, all pall down!” -Little E 15.02.2013
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!  Ring Around The Rosie has become a favorite in our house lately.

“Go! Go! On ‘denture!” -Big Ive
“Go! Benshure!” -Little E
‘I wanna go, go, go, go on an adventure, the thingamajigger is up and away. Go, go, go, go on an adventure, flying with the Cat in the Hat today!’ — It’s a song from the TV show, Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.  The girls love it.  I sing this song when we’re getting ready to go somewhere.

Playing in the snow on the back terrace this morning.

IMG_2453 (1)

IMG_2452 (1)


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NaBloPoMo Day 29 – [daily life] train village, re-fried beans, tractors

The train village.  LOML’s handiwork while Little E (a.k.a. Godzilla) was taking a nap.  It was mere minutes after she got downstairs until it was entirely destroyed.

Cute village with cars parked on the street.  Don’t worry, the animals are in pens/behind fences.

The forest.

“Bears love. milk.” -Big Ive, said while watching Madagascar 3, the scene where we meet Sonia the bear.

Lately she’s been asking to go to bed when she is tired.  If we don’t move fast enough she goes to the sofa and lays down and falls asleep in minutes.  But then I get her up to bed and she tosses and turns forever.  Oh, well.

I fit 4.5 dozen Russian Teacakes (a.k.a. Mexican Wedding Cakes) on a cookie sheet tonight.  I don’t know of many other cookies that you can fit that many on one pan to bake.  It’s a great dough, too, because it’s just butter, flour, nuts and a small amount of sugar.  Hopefully our German friends like them.  They don’t tend to like things that are very sweet, so I think these will work.

I taped 3 diaper boxes together and taped the Christmas tree stand to it to place it behind the TV.  There was no way I could have kept the kids away if I put it on the floor or the coffee table.  Now I just need to buy a power strip for the strings of lights.

The tree reminds me of my sister.  She was here last year when we set it up and decorated it.  This memory reminder is on top of washing a little glass Nutella jar that she bought in Paris.  Silly things that remind you of people and times in the past.

We walked into the school and Big Ive yells out, “Guten Morgen!”  I’ve been trying to get her to say good morning or just morning when we walk into the school every day.  It usually takes a lot of prompting.  She finally got it and said it by herself before I could even say it when we walked in the door.  :)

Little E put her tennis shoes on her feet by herself for the first time yesterday (28.11.2012).  They were on the wrong feet, but she did it without any help. She has started putting any article of clothing she finds around on her body somewhere.  Sometimes it is the correct way, but most times not.  She was trying to put a pair of pants on last night and she put one foot in the foot end of a pant leg and then she crammed the other foot in.  And then she tried to stand up and show off.  That’s when she fell hard onto her butt, on a small wooden cow.  She’s getting good at getting adult-sized socks on.

Little E is talking up a storm.  I can get her to ‘perform’ a few words for people just about every time.  And you can totally tell what she’s saying.  I’m sure I understand a lot more than most people since I’m around her all day.  She has started to be good at using signs now, too.  Go figure, now that she can talk she chooses to sign.  To her, it seems like the sign is just a part of how you say the word, though.  At least it appears that way when I watch her.

I think this was refried beans.  Oh she was a mess.  That highchair was a bigger mess.

Big Ive decided to bring one of her tractors back downstairs the other day.  LOML said, “But how will she farm upstairs now?”  It was hilarious.  I guess farming is only a downstairs activity now.

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NaBloPoMo Day 8 – Memories in my Brain and other random happenings + 2 photos of the girls!!

Does your brain remember some of the strangest things like mine does? Like what I wore on Valentine’s Day in 2nd grade, when I walked into a door and my tooth fell out into my palm, wacky clothes day in 3rd grade, making paper hats in 4th grade and having a boy in my class start singing a song to himself, the pain felt when I screwed something up at work that was small, the feel of the sidewalk extensions at my childhood home on my bare feet, escaping the rest of the family to enjoy the multi-colored rosebush on the side of the house. Crazy random stuff.  Why does one’s brain remember and elevate some memories, but dims others?


Big Ive is starting to talk in more full sentences with 5 or more words. I’m working with her to use nice asking words when she wants something.  “I would like…” “Will you…” “Can you…” Instead of “I want…” “Get me…” It’s a work in progress.


I like to double space between sentences. In my blog it messes with the code to do a double space so I’m learning to single space. This is important when I import the text and photos to a document to edit and print. Anyone else a double spacer? It’s what I was taught was the ‘correct’ way to type. Researching this a bit (yes, I did actually research this some) there are different standards and acceptances.


I’m hopeful to learn to speak and write German mostly fluently, but I’m scared at the same time. It’s the perfectionist in me not wanting to screw anything up ever.


Along those same lines I am afraid to put a bucket list down on paper for fear that I won’t be able to check everything off.


Who can resist a photo of a baby sleeping sitting up in a wagon on a beautiful fall afternoon?


And her big sister whose hair color expertly matches the fall leaves.

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Big Ive-isms ROUND 3 & Little E Can Talk


“I wanna look it. Wif eyes. BigIve look wif eyes.” Said while she cups the side of her head with her hands, looking around, similar to what you would do to cup your ears to hear something better.  This is by her temples.  One of the funniest things this kid does.  It has me in stitches every time.  It usually happens when I ask her if she sees something.  “Do you see a cow?” “I wanna look it.  Wif eyes.  Cow.”

“I’ma get her.” Said while outstretching her arms in imitation of what I do to pick up Little E.  Like my 30ish pound 2.5 year old will really be able to pick up my 25+ lb 12month old.

“One enh you.  One enh you.” = One for you.  One for you.  Said while distributing Lego blocks to me and Little E.

“Babys take a part Big Ive’s cookie!”  Meaning Little E took a piece of her cookie.  She was VERY upset.  I thought it was a good sentence, though.  :) (12 September 2012)

BI: Baby Elephant crying.
Me: Why is the elephant crying?
BI: Sad. Baby fall floor. Get hurt. Cryin’.
Me: Oh, the baby elephant fell on the floor and got hurt.
BI: Baby fall floor. Sad. Makes behyer (better).

How Big Ive counts:
One. Three. Funf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun. Funf, sechs, sieben. Funf, sechs, sieben.
This is literally how she counts any amount of objects just about every time.  LOML and I bust out laughing every.single.time.

Little E Can Talk (!) ((How is it my 13 month old baby is Speaking.In.Discernible.Words???))

“Mooit. Mooit.”  Said with a very pronounced pursed lips.  = “Move it. Move it.” The line from the movie Madagascar.

“mooee” = movie

“docks” = socks

“happabirdada” = Happy birthday

“dooce” = juice

“appa” = apple (10 September 2012)

“jendil” = gentle (She said and signed this for most of a quarter of a mile on our walk the morning of 10 September 2012.)

beyya = belly This is one of the cutest things she does.  She says her version of the word belly and then pulls up her shirt and proudly shows off her big baby belly.  She has a hard time with the L sound, which just makes the word even more adorable.  The not so cute part is when we’re out in public and she starts pulling up everyone else’s shirts to see their bellies.

stinky This is kind of a combination of sort of intelligible babble and baby signing.  Stinky is signed by waving your hand in front of your nose as if you were trying to wave away a smell.  She sort of waves her chubby little hand in front of her belly and mumbles a baby babble that sounds kind of like ‘stinky’ if you tilt your head 67degrees to the left while scrunching your nose and humming an A440.  Or something like that.

Bonkee = Monkey in Little E speak 9-29

Open (in reference to her commanding me to opening a package of gummy bears that was handed to her at the restaurant. This was the first time she’s said a command to me.) 9-28-2012

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Big Ive’s First Day of German Kindergarten – 15 August 2012

Big Ive started at the German Kindergarten on Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

It had been 7 weeks since she’d been in the building because of the summer break and our travels.  She was excited about going, but I think she thought it was going to be like it had when I followed her around on Friday afternoons.  She wasn’t ready to be independent and go away from me sitting on the “Mom Bench”. [[“Mom Bench” is the wooden park bench they have in the hallway outside of the first classroom.  They call it the mom bench because moms (and dads) sit there waiting for their child(ren).]]  I was trying to be as uninvolved as she would let me, but she was being clingy.  She really wanted to play but was afraid and apprehensive to be without me.  Which is kind of funny because it seems like all she wanted to do was play withOUT me on Friday afternoons and here she was only wanting me WITH her.

Still puffy eyed from sleeping, eating “flocken” (Haferflocken = oatmeal).

She is such an independent little girl.  I wish I could describe this sauntering stride she has when she’s going places.  You can just see she’s on a mission.

The grandparents came along for this momentous occasion.
And to help with Little E.

Little E chillin’ in the stroller. 
We had to bring diapers and wipes along because Big Ive refuses our attempts at potty training.  I am going to try that single day toilet training method after I read the book.  Fingers crossed it works!

One of the teachers, who speaks very good English, got paired up with Big Ive.  I think they pair up the new children with one main teacher so they have an adult they get used to and feel ‘safe’ with.  All of the teachers look after all of the children, but this one is especially looking after Big Ive right now in the beginning.

She tried to lure her into the classroom with a puzzle; Big Ive loves trying to do puzzles.  Big Ive thought the puzzle sounded Great!, but she didn’t want to go into the room with the teacher.  After a little convincing she did go to the table and play with the puzzle for a few minutes.

Any Kindergarten would not be complete with out a snack time.
Later, when other kids were snacking Big Ive sat next to one and promptly proceeded to steal his food.  Grapes, I think.  Food thief on the first day.  Great…

The teacher then pulled out the bucket of play dough.  Big Ive loves to play with play dough, as I don’t let her play with it at home.  I don’t want to deal with the mess and cleanup so we never take it out.  Bad mom, I know, but it’s what we do here.  Plus, that 1 year old younger sister who walks and can reach 6+inches onto the table?  Yeah, she’s another reason to not play with play dough at home.

They went outside to play after a bit.  Big Ive did not want to put her sneakers back on for some strange reason.  You usually can’t get her to stop asking to play outside and here she was not wanting to go out.  The teachers asked.  I asked.  Still, “No.”  Then I told her she could play in the sand with a shovel.  That was the best idea Ever to this ginger toddler.  Her face lit up with the word shovel and she tried to run outside with her Housschuhe (inside shoes).  Got her sneakers and hat on and she was off to many adventures on the playground.  After I saw that she was fine without me outside I asked the teacher if I could go for a little bit.  We agreed on an hour, with me returning at 11:30, just in time for lunch.

When they went inside she did end up having a crying fit and they tried to call me.  Our house phone battery was dead — Woops! — and my mobile phone doesn’t get good reception in the part of the house I had it in — Woops!  The teacher got her to calm down when she told them they were going to sing songs in a circle for the 2 birthday kids.  She calmed down and was fine.

Little eaten lunch of fish sticks and tater tots.  The fruit for dessert was a big hit, however.  She ended up staying in the lunch classroom well after all the other kids had left to keep eating fruit.  She finished the grapes and then started in on the honey dew melon.  Apricots were not a favorite that day. 

The lunch teacher told Big Ive to come get her once she finished with the fruit and then she would finish wiping that table off.  It was cute.  I’m glad they allow the children to eat as much or as little of everything they want.  No one forces a child to eat.

And on the walk home she HAD to carry that birthday chocolate bar in her arms and hands the E N T I R E way home.  There was no prying it out of her hands.  I at least convinced her that it was too hot and melty to eat on the way home and to wait until it had cooled off in the refrigerator for a bit.  She seemed ok with that answer.

I don’t know where she came up with this carry it in her armpit move.  It was hilarious.  I think she was treating it like a shoulder bag.  She usually pins her arm to her side to prevent the bag from slipping off.  Anyway, it went from armpit, to hand, to other armpit, to folding it in half in her hands because it had melted so much, to draping it on her forearm.  Funny kid.

She did let me put it in the fridge while she took a nap and promptly requested it once she awoke.  That kid doesn’t forget much.

“Take a pikchure, Mom.  Take a pikchure.”

It was a good start to school for her.  The next day I stayed only about 15 minutes.  She cried as I walked away.  The teacher said she cried for only about 2 minutes and was fine the rest of the day.  The 3rd day she cried for just a minute as I walked away.  I heard her stop crying even before I got to the gate of the school grounds to walk home.  Every day since then it has been me asking for a hug and telling her to say, “Tschuss Mom!”

She loves school.  She loves to play with the kids and toys and games.  She loves the teachers.  LOML and I are so happy that she likes it there and is being immersed in this new language.  The kids like her and play with her and ask for her and are excited to see her.  It makes me smile.

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Big Ive-isms ROUND 2


“Keem up” = “Clean up”  A lot of times I sing a little song, “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share” and she tries to sing it too.  Usually just comes out, “Keem up, everbo, ever”.

“I heard dat – my butt!” = “I heard that, ” says LOML when he hears Big Ive fart.  She started saying this when we were in Croatia and we couldn’t figure it out for a few minutes.  Then LOML got a giant grin on his face and said he knew what it was.  Whenever he hears her fart he says, “I heard that”.  holycow, I’m busting up laughing just remembering that.

“I hear dat – da bells.” = I hear the bells that were chiming in the church tower.

“I doin’ sompin’.  Workin’ hard.” = This was said when she was talking to my mom via Skype.  I’m not sure what she was doing at the time.  But she was doing something and working hard at it.

The Wiggle Butt song.  She got this when we were in Minnesota in May from one of my cousin’s kids.  I think…  She says, “Wiggle.  Butt.  Wiggle Butt.”  Sometimes there’s a “wiggle, wiggle wiggle” thrown in for good measure.  You wouldn’t believe the cuteness when she sashays and throws her hips wiggling her butt while singing.

The Happy Day song.  One of her own songs she sang in the car one day when I was driving.  It was mostly “Happy Day” over and over and over, but with different length and pitch.  She added more verse of “Happy Day” when LOML was around, but will now no longer sing any of it for us.

“I stinky.  Change diaper.”  This happened when LOML took Big Ive for a father-daughter morning at a cafe in Croatia.  They were enjoying coffee and juice, respectively, and then Big Ive dropped the bomb.  Literally.  And then they had to climb a big steep hill to get back to our apartment to change her.

In the Croatian village we stayed in we had to walk by a school yard to get to the town center.  One morning Big Ive heard and saw the kids playing and asked to go play with her “friends”.  “I go play wif fends?”  We got to the gate and it was locked, obviously.  Big Ive was sad and said, “Gate locked.  Keys?  Daddy?”

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Happy First Birthday, Little E!

Little E turned 1 on August 5, 2012.  It’s crazy to think she has been in our lives a whole year.  At the same time it feels like just yesterday that we came home from the hospital and that she’s been a part of our family forever.  It’s neat to see how tiny humans have such distinct personalities and are really that – tiny full humans.  Sometimes I forget that she is a full person, just in a little body.  And then I stop and it hits me that she has been a full human, a whole person, since before she was born, even.  It’s hard to wrap my mind around her having tiny organs that are the same as mine, tiny bones that are (mostly) the same as mine, a smaller head and brain (that miraculously GROW!).  Just boggles my mind.

The center of the cake.  Keeping up my family’s tradition.

This year has been a busy busy year for Little E and our family.  2 weeks before she was born LOML put in his request for this overseas position.  6 weeks after she was born LOML moved to Germany.  When she was just 4 months old, the girls and I joined LOML over here.  At 6 months she was crawling.  2 days before 9 months she took her first steps.  Sometime in the past couple of months she has decided to start to try to talk.  Since moving here Little E has been able to record 9 countries she has been in (not including the airport in London).  I didn’t make it to that many until my 20’s.  Many people never see that in a lifetime.

She has gone from our very sleepy and hungry little baby (literally sleeping most of the day and night, and eating between each nap) to a very active and curious little girl.  She LOVES to follow her big sister around and imitates EVERY.SINGLE.THING. Big Ive does.  Including mannerisms and inflection in babbles.  She is still our chunk-a-lunk, weighing in over 25lb at her 12 month well-child check.  She can wear a lot of Big Ive’s clothes, she’s just too short to make them look right.  :)

It took a little bit of pushing to get her to put her hands in the cake and feed herself.  At least she was willing to have dirty hands.  Big Ive cried when her hands were covered in frosting and never enjoyed the cake until we gave her a fork.

My heart has grown so much this past year.  I routinely look at, stare at, my baby girl and think that I am so thankful God gave her to me, even if I wasn’t ready to have a second child as soon as we did.  I didn’t think I was ready; sometimes I still don’t think I am.  But, I do know that I am completely and totally in love with her.  She is a great addition to our family.  I say that often and truly, genuinely, believe that.

The Big Sister “helping” the Little Sister eat her birthday cake.

She loves to pick the tomatoes in the pots on our back terrace – green, orange or red, it doesn’t matter.  She knows she gets in trouble every time.  She likes to turn the knobs on the stove.  So far she’s melted one plastic food storage container, one plastic chicken container and my mother-in-law’s cookbook.  The knobs are the same size as their play kitchen and she always sees me turning them.  One of her new phrases is ‘Don’t Touch’.  It comes out something like, “Do Tou”, accompanied with the finger wagging we usually give her when we tell her not to touch something.

She loves to dance whenever she hears music.  She loves to give kisses – fishy kisses, nose kisses, monster kisses and regular kisses.

She totally understands basic commands and will find and bring you something if you ask.  She started stacking up to 4 blocks this past week.  I think she could do more but she gets so excited for a small tower that she just HAS to knock it down.

At 3 months old she discovered her thumb and hasn’t given it up, yet.  You wouldn’t believe the cuteness in a tiny 3 month old baby sucking their thumb.  I loved watching her work so hard to spread her fingers apart, put her hands together and then bring both of them to her mouth to get that thumb in.  At times she would suck both thumbs.  For a while it didn’t matter which, but she soon settled on the right one.  She will almost instinctively put her thumb in her mouth when a soft piece of fabric comes into contact with her hand.  She has a couple little 12″x12″ super soft fleece ‘blankies’ (it’s just usually called a ‘soft thing’ in our house) that she carries around with her a lot.  A super soft stuffed katze (cat) joined the family on her birthday, thanks to the grandparents, and she carries that around in the crook of her elbow with her other thumb in her mouth.  It. Is. The. Cuteness.

Oh, I could go on and on and on about my baby.  I love her so much.  She brings immense joy to me and our family.

August 5, 2011 — 8:16am — 9lb 6oz — 21.5in

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