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New IKEA opening adventure

JR and I went to the new IKEA building opening on February 8, 2017.  The old IKEA building in Burbank was 26 years old and much smaller than their newer ones.  The new IKEA building is now the biggest in the world and has it’s own parking garage.  JR and I went for the adventure of opening day — and we hoped we would score some free stuff!

After dropping the girls off at school, we got to IKEA a little after 8am.  Opening was scheduled for 9am.  The line was already huge.  There was no way we were in the first 26 people in line to win a new sofa, or in the first 100 people in line to win a POANG chair.  Oh, well.  JR got a stuffed heart toy and they were still giving out about 2000 little gold envelopes with random gifts.  Ours had a buy one, get one free cinnamon bun card inside.  One of those gift cards with a monetary value would have been nice.  : )

In traditional non-tradition IKEA style they had a log sawing instead of a ribbon cutting ceremony.  One of the associates played trombone while another sang the national anthem while the American flag was being raised.  It was a fun little opening ceremony.

A friend of mine came along and we walked through the entire showroom and the warehouse below.  The line for the cafeteria was about a 90 minute wait.  We did not think it was worth 90 minutes for meatballs.

The only thing I bought was a child-size POANG chair.  We had 2 for the girls and JR needs his own now.

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