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[daily life] language

“I really don’t like without holding him.”

-Big Ive 10.04.2015 meaning she doesn’t like not being able to hold the baby.

I’ll put it in something special … called a potato.
-Big Ive 14.04.2015

Maybe there’s a rat in the little door. Or a baby monster or alien.
-Big Ive 18.04.2015

Me, too! Me, too! I tried one lasterday and my grandfather told me I could have one!
-Little E 09.05.2015 referring to ginger ale on the flight.

The song Paprazzi turned into Papa Roxie, according to Big Ive. “I know the song she sang to her Papa Roxie. Papa papa papa Roxie.”

Me: what are you doing, Little E?
Little E: making a booby track.

When you cut down a tree and you see the round thing that tells you how old the tree is. It’s a bean-stomp.
-05.06.2015 Big Ive. A tree stump mixed with bean stalk.

Cactuses have a sense of skin.
-Big Ive 13.06.2015

I know bullseye. It’s giddy up in German.
-Little E 28.06.2015

Me: we bought a kiddie pool for the backyard.
Big Ive: but it’s only for humans.

Big Ive, stop talking my words!
-Little E 04.07.2015

Sometimes the trees are little little little
Little little little
Little little little
Sometimes the trees are big big big
Sometimes the trees are dead dead dead
01.08.2015 Little E, sung to the Wheels on the Bus

More ringles, please. (Pringles)
-Little E 09.08.2015

“That thing you have to squeeze and open to make music.” What is it? An accordion.
-Big Ive 09.08.2015

Mom! Ants go in line with what they do.
-Little E 20.08.2015

Laser eggs!
-Little E 22.08.1015 laser rays.

Little E playing doctor on me: “let me check your knee-flexes. Let me check your heart-beep again.”

Sucker cup (suction cup)
-Big Ive 03.09.2015

“Every people is a person, right, Mom?”
“Maybe we can have a playover someday,” Little E said to Tarzan, a preschool friend. Like a mix of play date and sleepover.

Big Ive said, “Germany is called Englischland.”

Ich bin die Katze. I am a cat.
Ich bin die Schnecke. I am the snail.
Ich bins der Rabbit. I am the rabbit.
-29.08.2015 Little E reading a German book to herself.

Everyone do that on my planet.
-15.10.2015 Little E.

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Little Guy is here!

At 13:52 on November 12 our Little Guy made his debut into the world.  He weighed 8lb 14oz (4030g) and was 20.5inches (52cm) long.  He has a small amount of dark brown hair, although a lot of that has fallen out or rubbed off in the 2 months he’s been with us.  It was a routine scheduled cesarean birth, as the girls were both cesarean.  No problems or complications.  We spent 4 days in the hospital before we went home.





He looked a lot like Big Ive at birth.  It was almost like time travel.  As he grows and gets more fat on him he looks less and less like her clone.  He really likes the baby swing (something Big Ive hated).  And he has just started smiling.  Those full-face and body smiles that exude from every fiber of his being.  Another thing he does that Big Ive also did was really enjoy the changing table.  We have the same red changing pad we used with Big Ive.  It was like a secret happy maker for her and seems to be very similar for him.

The girls are completely in love with him.  Big Ive has certainly taken to the big sister role.  She asks to hold him all the time.  I bet she’d pick him up and walk around with him if left alone with him.  Little E likes him, but isn’t as interested in holding him.  It is just the age difference.  She is not quite old enough to care about doing things like that — which is perfectly fine with me.  She does like to come up and talk to him and try to get him to play with toys once in a while.  And she is very concerned when he is fussy or crying.



LOML is pretty smitten with him, too.  When he holds Little Guy it makes the baby look so small again.

Bow-ties are his signature wardrobe right now.


Little Guy is the perfect addition to our family.  I really like his sweet and calm personality.  He’s pretty carefree right now.  I wonder what he will be like as he grows older.

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more puddle jumping photos

Here are a few more photos of a fun afternoon jumping in puddles at the end of December.

DSC05273 DSC05258 DSC05259 DSC05260 DSC05261 DSC05262 DSC05263 DSC05264 DSC05265 DSC05266 DSC05267 DSC05270 DSC05271 DSC05272

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Something to do on a cold rainy early Feburary afternoon

Something, that I’m sure the other German parents thought I was crazy for — letting my girls stomp in puddles and walk in the rain for 20 minutes in 41F weather. I am positive the other parents thought I was off my rocker when they picked up their children and saw me encouraging mine to stomp in puddles.  Hey, at least I brought their rainboots along.  And they had a fleece sweater under their winter coats, and hats on so they were in no way cold out there.  And when we got home we had Kinderchinos (luke-warm not-so-chocolaty chocolate milk) to really warm up.

And, if you can’t tell by the photos, the girls L-O-V-E-D it.  I got a couple of good mom points yesterday afternoon for this one.  : )

When I dropped them off at Kindergarten in the morning I told them I would walk to pick them up and they could use their new colorful umbrellas they got for Christmas.  But, when the time came to pick them up I couldn’t find my umbrella and didn’t want to walk the .75mi round trip with only my rain jacket.  I often have to carry one or the other kid for a period on this walk home (we walk most days) and wasn’t about to do that with the rain, their bags, our umbrellas, it being wet.  No thank you.  So, I drove to pick them up and they were elated to see their umbrellas and jump in the rain.



DSC01686She was upset when I took the umbrella from her as it was being pulled away by the wind.
It wasn’t like I was trying to keep it away from her, silly girl.
I gave it right back and all was well with the world.

Ireland viking horn hat courtesy of dad.

DSC01685Let’s scoop the water from the puddle with the umbrella!!!


DSC01676This was her favorite puddle.
It was maybe a few centimeters deep and perfect for splashing with little feet in pink Hello Kitty boots.

DSC01677My sweet girls.


DSC01673Can anyone explain her recent fascination with pulling her hat down over her eyes and attempting to walk?  She does this nearly every day when we walk to school.  I don’t get it.


DSC01679“Why, yes, I think I will close up my umbrella while it is still clearly raining.  That is a good though, Self.”

DSC01680Perfect puddle jumping.

DSC01675Most of the time the girls ran around with their umbrellas everywhere except over their heads.  Oh, to be 2 and 3 years old and not have a care in the world but to find the best puddles to stomp in.

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[daily life] language + 3 recent photos!

DSC05309 Trying to climb the castle ruins about 30minutes from our house on New Year’s Day.

From my sister: As I close the door to get ready to shower my niece yells through it, “Let me know if you need anything, ok, Auntie? Ok?” Lol she’s so sweet…
-Big Ive 05.11.2013

Kane-kuh so much!
-Little E 05.11.2013 (Thank you so much!)

Auntie, can you be nice to me?
-Big Ive 14.11.2013

Mommy, you’re a genius!
-Big Ive 15.11.2013

Tiggy tail.
-Little E 15.11.2013 (Piggy tail.)

I am a Mom.
-Big Ive 17.11.2013  (Probably said after I told her to stop mothering her sister as I was the mommy and she is the sister.)

Me, to the girls: say night night baby cousin!
My little brother, speaking for his infant daughter: night night toddler cousins!
Big Ive: We not cousins. I Big Ive and she Little E.

Me: What did a Big Ive say?
Big Ive: No. I said, what-da what-da hey!

Can you put that down? So you don’t fall?
Big Ive 17.11.2013, in reference to my armrest in the car

Lindberger cheese became hamburger cheese and muenster cheese became monster cheese in the car on the night of November 17, 2013.

On this same car trip Big Ive was very intent on finding the cars while we drove on the freeway.

Gampers is making mom a princess! (Looking at wedding photos with AZ Grandma-grandma.)
-Big Ive 18.11.2013

I sthoakin’ wet.
-Little E 18.11.2013  (“I’m soaking wet”, when she was perfectly dry.)

Hey – pay wif me!
Little E 20.11.2013 (Hey, play with me!)

“Sthcusthe you.”
Little E 21.11.2013 (excuse you).

Ida hasth boogiesth in meinsth earsth.
Little E 23.11.2013 (I have boogies in my ears.)

I-stha hooldin sthisthersth handsth.
Little E 23.11.2013 (I’m holding sister’s hand.)

Umi go-gglsth (umi goggles)
Umi dollarsth (umi dollars)
Little E 23.11.2013

Ge-off uh my da-ee.
Little E 23.11.2013 (Get off of my daddy)

ZWEE-bah. (Zebra)
Little E 26.11.2013

A fishing-dadoh. (Aficionado )
-Big Ive 28.11.2013

It’s a button, Dad. It’s a button!
Little E 1.12.2013 referring to his nipple

They’re song-in’, mama.
Little E 12.12.2013 (They’re singing mama.)

DSC05314Silly little girls sitting on a wall of the castle ruins.  Big Ive climbed up by herself and Little E desperately tried to follow, but couldn’t do it herself.  LOML lifted her up and placed her a little away from Big Ive.  That’s when they decided they had to be right. next. to. one another.

You love Big Ive? You love Little E? You love momma? You love Kleenex? You love soap? You love Little E?
-Little E 12.12.2013, Said as we were taking her up to bed I told her to say I love you, dad, and we had a whole conversation about who and what dad loves.

Little E: What’sth dat?
Me: My necklace.
Little E: I wear it?

Let’s get out of the cool afore we get our jammies wet.
-Big Ive 13.12.2013
(Lets get out of the [pretend] pool before we get our jammies wet.)

This afternoon, after we had gotten back from a day trip to Metz, France, Big Ive saw that LOML had just finished his beer. So, she does what any good 3.5 year old daughter does, she went to get him another beer. The best part is that she noticed his preferred brand of beer was not in the refrigerator, so she took it upon herself to get 3 beers from the case in the pantry and put them in the fridge. Unfortunately, she dropped one and it broke, getting beer and glass shards all over the pantry floor. But, it’s the sweet thought of a loving daughter that counts most.

I’m finding out I’m a kid!
Big Ive 26.12.2013

Patty cake, make der Mann.
Big Ive 26.12.2013 (I love how they combine the 2 languages.)

The pans are made out of mirrors!
-Big Ive 26.12.2013 (The pots and pans are shiny and look like mirrors.)

I have 4,000 teeth.
Big Ive 26.12.2013

Sthkusthking. (Disgusting)
-Little E 28.12.2013

I’ll eat this for a few more minutes and then I’ll have ‘zert. (Dessert)
-Big Ive 28.12.2013

I appreciate it Mom’s cooking.
Big Ive 28.12.2013

Here, Mom. I got sthalad.
Little E 29.12.2012 Said while handing me a toy plate with a toy piece of lettuce.

I make a bidge. For toolsth.
Little E 30.12.2013 (“I made a bridge for tools.”)

Ber is Big Ive’sth pucup. Ber is Big Ive’sth sthcool cup. I found she’s cup!
Little E 06.01.2014
(There is Big Ive’s sippy cup. I found her cup!)

Where isth my knucklesth?
Little E 06.01.2014 (Where are my nipples?)

I eat my yogurt alwaysth.
Little E 12.01.2014

Ber isth da odder one blankie! I found it!!
-Little E 12.01.2014

Big Ive: Is our cooking done? Oder nicht? (Or not?)
LOML: Nicht. (Not.)
Big Ive: Daddy ‘sagt, ‘nicht’. (Daddy said no.)

DSC05325Having fun at the castle ruins.  Big Ive thinks she’s so big now because she can climb up on small wall ruins by herself.

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[daily life] language

The girls on a Polizei car ride at the grocery store.
I’m happy they are still content to just climb on these things and push buttons, no money required.  I’m sure that won’t last too much longer, though.

“Mom, can you read this book?  It’s in language.” -Big Ive 09.07.2013  She was trying to tell me it was in a different language, German.  When we were in Croatia she asked me to buy a children’s book and I told her no because I couldn’t read that language, that it was a different language.

“Mamma, my book.  It was verlost in the car.” -Big Ive 15.07.2013 verlost = verloren (to loose something, lost) + lost

“Can I get her with my Rahhr-teeth?” -Big Ive 15.07.2013 Asking if she could act like a moster/dinosaur and rahwr at Little E.

“To-later.” -Big Ive.  Tomorrow.  Today.  Naturally, to-later follows.

No Platz in the cart.

When I go to get Little E out of the crib in the mornings she almost always is still laying down with her eyes firmly clenched shut.  “I sleepin’,” is what she always tells me.  Sometimes I’ll pick her up, she’ll burrow her head in my shoulder and say it again.  If she’s not wanting to get up at age 1, I can only imagine what life will be like with her when she is in school. -25.07.2013

I often call Little E ‘Little E Baby’ (obviously using her real first name and not actually saying Little E).  A day or 2 ago she started calling Big Ive ‘Big Ive Baby’ just like I call her Little E Baby.  It is so sweet.  30.07.2013

What’s your name?
Your name is Little E.  Can you say Little E?
Little E.
What’s your name?
::face palm::
-conversation with Little E about her name.  I can ask in German or English and she’ll give the same response of the name Sarah.  I can only imagine what would happen should some adult ask her name and she says Sarah only to never respond to it.  Crazy kid.
P.S.  The teacher at the Kindergarten with the name Sarah thinks this is hilarious.  She was thrilled to know Little E thought so well of her.

Where we goin’, Dad?
We’re just driving.
WHERE WE GOIN’?! -Big Ive & LOML 27.07.2013

He just spit out the wind! -Big Ive 05.08.2013 When Grandpa was letting the air out of the balloon he had just blown up.

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hail – a how-to guide

When it hails heavily one afternoon, whatever should one do with all of it?  Here is a quick helpful Hail How-To guide.


All of this came down in about 10 minutes time, I would guess.  I don’t have a stopwatch.  And besides… Who ever remembers to start those things at the moment an activity you wish to time begins?  For reals.

1. You eat it.

The girls were eating it out of the bowl as if it were popcorn.  If you are feeling more dignified, please feel free to use the proper hail eating utensils.


Exhibit 1a.


Exhibit 1b.

2. You make a scotch on the rocks.

LOML enjoyed his hail-cooled scotch on the rocks that afternoon.  However, he did note that hail of a slightly larger diameter would have been preferred.  Please keep this in mind should you wish to attempt hail-scotch-on-the-rocks.

A handsome devil, that one.

And there ends our quick Hail How-To guide.  Please stay tuned for another photo of an adorable toddler watching hail.


dress courtesy of Gampers Hand Creations

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NaBloPoMo Day 13

picture post

Helping me make Haferflocken for breakfast

Reading her German dictionary for kids

This is how we get a few minutes of quiet time.  Until someone gets upset about something, like their hands are holding the iPad wrong.

By now you probably think we ONLY let our kids watch movies on the iPad.

Well, this is the new ‘floor bed’ for tv watching! LOML’s invention.

Speaking of LOML, here’s my handsome husband. I love him so much. He is definitely my favorite.

And now you know Big Ive’s latest trick — crossing her eyes.

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NaBloPoMo Day 12 – Some of my thoughts

  • Does it count as a blog post if I password protect it and no one else can read it?
  • It is really hard to get out of the house before 7:30 in the morning with 2 toddlers. Even if I have bags and snack packed the night before and clothes picked out and get myself ready before they wake it somehow happens that they make me late every day to German class. Big Ive goes to the Kindergarten in our village. Little E gets dropped off at the babysitter in the next village over.
  • This desert girl is definitely NOT used to scraping ice from windshields in the mornings. How many days a year does that happen in Phoenix? Like, 4?
  • I felt proud of myself when I understood the directions on the German boxed cake mix.
  • In all of 2012 I have had my hair cut only once when my mom was here visiting in June. It’s not that I’m afraid to see a stylist in Germany, it’s the childcare issue. If I schedule it during the week I need someone to watch both girls. If I schedule it on a Saturday when LOML is around to watch the girls I miss out on time with LOML. No win either way.
  • My mouth is still watering over the beef enchiladas I made last night.  Too bad it used my last cans of green enchilada sauce and diced green chilies… I will have to see if someone would be willing to gift me with some more.
  • Does anyone else have problems with spelling the word ‘chili’ and its plural ‘chilies’? Probably just my problem. I always want to put 2 Ls in the word.
  • The switch of comma and period for numbers here in Europe still throws me off every time I see it. Also, I did not know that our division sign was different. Shouldn’t these things just be all the same? It’s math, a shared language for all peoples.
  • Can someone tell me why we don’t call places by the names they are? Like why is Germany Germany in English when it is Deutschland? Where in the world did Germany come from Deutschland? I understand that English doesn’t have all the sounds and characters other languages do, and reasonable substitutions should be made there. But, why can’t Sevilla be Sevilla instead of changing to Seville?
    • Also, my computer wanted to tell me to spell Deutschland as Deutschmark.
  • I think Big Ive just woke up and is probably waking her little sister up so I must get ready now. Tschuss!
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NaBloPoMo Day 10 – Sankt Martins Tag PHOTOS

As promised, some photos from last night.  It was dark so they’re not very good, but you get an idea of what went on.

We started at the church at 6pm.  They had a small service and the Kindergarteners began it with a processional while singing a Saint Martin song. They did a small play at the front acting out the story of St. Martin and the homeless person. Then the pastor gave a short talk to the kids with the aid of a crow puppet.  More singing and then we started our walk outside.

She insisted on wearing her red Kindergarten ball cap and refused to take it off inside the church for the service.

Big Ive was hesitant to join her friends from school.  I had to wake her from her nap so we could make it to the church on time. After a few minutes and many reassurances that I would still be right there she took the hand of one of her teachers. Between trading off wrangling duties with LOML for Little E I noticed she didn’t leave the side of a teacher the entire time she was in the front of the church. She did, however, manage to drop the little LED puck light that lighted her lantern on the stone floor and broke it during the service. I swapped it for Little E’s and LOML managed to get it working so Little E’s lantern was lit up, too.

Blurry shot in the dark, but you can see a couple of the children’s lanterns lit up. Big Ive is wearing a reflective safety vest that they handed out to all of the Kindergarteners. I routinely see kids wearing these vests when they walk to school in the mornings.

You can’t tell, but Big Ive’s lantern is in the shape of a mushroom. White body and red top complete with googly eyes. One of which was picked off before we even entered the church.

We walked a short loop around part of the village stopping to sing the Saint Martin song a few times and ended at the Dorfplatz. Here they sold bratwurst (of course), some beef and mushroom tasty stuff and drinks. Since it’s now cold out the preferred adult beverage is Glühwein. They usually have a Kinder version of the Glühwein, which is just a warm apple cider punch type drink.

It was nice that it wasn’t terribly cold. LOML and I enjoyed our time there. But, it is always stressful bringing both girls in public and even more so when it’s dark and getting closer to their bedtime. They did end up melting down so LOML made a quick retreat while I headed off to band practice. The village band played a short set. I didn’t play so I could help LOML wrangle the kids.

Fun night. Fun German tradition we were able to participate in.

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