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Little E’s first day of Kindergarten

More than half of the school year is done, but better late than never to get this post out.  I was happy to not be in a boot and using crutches for this child’s first day of school.  And like the typical middle child, I have less photos of her than of her older sister.  I feel guilty about that often.  Also, it was really hard to divide my time between Big Ive and Little E when they both needed me on the school yard before school that first morning.  Big Ive didn’t know how to read and couldn’t find her teacher’s line without me.  Little E had no idea what to do as this was her first day at the school.  I couldn’t leave her alone.  So, with JR in tow in the little stroller we all found Big Ive’s line first and got her settled.  Then we found Little E’s line.  Big Ive looked so sad and little when I had to leave her to go to Little E’s line.

Little E was excited to begin kindergarten at the school.  Her 5th birthday was just 3 days before school started.  (We later found out there was only 1 child with a birthday later than hers.)  She probably wondered why she hadn’t already been allowed to go to school there.  It is sometimes hard to be the little sister.

Her teacher, Frau KT (KindergartenTeacher), waited until all of the older children had gone to their classes before we started walking to her classroom.  Little E had to deposit her snack bag and lunch box in the right buckets, put her backpack in the cubby, find her desk and go sit on the carpet at the front of the classroom.  Then it was time for me to say goodbye and wait 5 hours to see her again.

le_kinderday1waiting in the school yard before the school day begins
new striped dress that one of her Grandmas had made

img_0196on the carpet at the front of the classroom with friends

img_0192some old friends and some new friends

img_0212happy to be done with school, with Schultüte in hand

img_0217 img_0214


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[daily life] language

“Where’s the store lunch of it?” -Big Ive 06.04.2013
Where’s the supper restaurant?

“I have flower birthday. Polka-aught birthday. And another polka-aught birthday. Und I have fish birthday!” -Big Ive 09.04.2013  She was talking about her birthday presents.  They were wrapped in flower, polka-dot and fish wrapping papers.  She talked like each present was a birthday, not that a day was a birthday.

“Möchte me helpfe?” -Big Ive 27.04.2013

“Mamma!  Where is you?!” -Big Ive 01.05.2013, when she woke up in the middle of the night crying

wailing: “I just burp!” -Big Ive 01.05.2013, when she woke up in the middle of the night crying and wailing

“Happy birthday! ::few second pause:: To you!” -Little E 01.05.2013.  We had a friend over and we celebrated her birthday.  Little E was yelling this with great concern the rest of the evening.  She woke up the next morning and said it a couple of times, as well.

“Mom, der’s spider wedge here.  I have to bacuum it.” -Big Ive 04.05.2013

“‘Pider!” -Little E 03.05.2013  She said this as we were walking home from school when she saw some white fluff on the ground, thinking it was a spider web.  I don’t think she understands the little creature is a spider and the white stuff is a web.

“Don’t say me no, Momma.” -Big Ive 04.05.2013

“Please take your ringens off, Mom.” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Please take your earrings off, Mom.

“Lorlax!” -Little E 06.05.2013
This is her way to say Lorax, as in the movie and Dr. Seuss book.  She does this sort of flip with her tongue to get that ‘rl’ in the middle to come out.  So cute.

“Can I play with my clamicks?” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Can I play with my magnets?

“Dad, you go upstairs and have a nap wif mom-dad bed.” -Big Ive 06.05.2013
Dad, go upstairs and take a nap in mom & dad’s bed.

“I-self! I-self!” -Little E 11.05.2013
Myself! Myself! as in, Let Me Do It Myself!

Salattuce -Big Ive 14.05.2013  This is the combination of the German word, Salat, and the English word, lettuce, which mean the same thing.  The past couple of weeks have shown her starting to experiment more with both languages, and in some instances like this, combining both languages in one word.  Crazy that her brain just understand Salat and lettuce mean the same thing.

“Groshreyore” -Big Ive 26.05.2013
Grocery store

“Food and a counters.  And and and a pantry. And some, and some.” -Big Ive 30.05.2013  I wish I remember what this was about.  I’m sure we asked her a question, like to describe something, and this was her answer.

“I’m giving kisses to my friend, Elsie.” -Big Ive 30.05.2013  Makes my heart melt.

Fahrraden.  Ich mochte fahrraden with my friends. -Big Ive 04.06.2013 I want to ride bikes with my friends.  Fahrraden is a unique one because she combined Fahrrad (bicycle) and fahren (to drive/go).  You would normally say ‘Ich mochte Fahrrad fahren.”

Bechables. -Big Ive 08.06.2013 The ‘ch’ has a sort of ‘sh’ sound to it, but not the soft ‘sh’.  Do you know how hard it is to describe the sound of words without being able to give you a sound?

“How ’bout Lorlax?” -Little E 08.06.2013 ‘How about Lorax?’  She was asking to watch the movie on the iPad as she turned it on and navigated to the movie player app.

“My sword!” -Little E 08.06.2013 In reference to her garden pinwheel.

“Ja, gern.” -Big Ive08.06.2013 Her response after I asked her if she wanted some juice in German.

“Tell your Daddy he’s no help.”
“No helf.” -Big Ive 10.06.2013 She said it like the German word.

“Möchte Buch lesen, Mamma?” -Big Ive 13.06.2013 “I would like you to read me a book, mom.”  This is the first time I’ve heard her ask to have a book read to her in German.  Usually she just asks in English.

“I’m so tired ‘a go to church.” -Big Ive 16.06.2013

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[daily life] language

“Mom, what’s go on here?  What’s go on?”  -Big Ive 04.04.2013
What’s going on here?  Said with her hands on her hips and a very stern face.

::big yawn:: “I still tired.”  -Big Ive 04.04.2013  She says this every time she yawns.  I think it’s cute.  She thinks yawning is the same as being tired.

Meeyap. -Little E 08.04.2013

“Mocha (something).” -Little E This is her version of the German word möchte meaning ‘I would like’.  It sounds like she’s ordering a coffee drink along with an object.  :)

“You always make my sad, Mom.” -Big Ive 13.04.2013
You always make me sad, Mom.  She said this after I told her to clean up her Legos.

Big Ive was playing with our travel Scrabble game, snapping the letter tiles onto the board.  She came across one of the blank tiles and had to bring it over to me saying it didn’t have a letter on it.  She thought it was not supposed to go in the game because she left it sitting the the shelf when she resumed her playing.  Once she got a large rectangle of letters onto the board she exclaimed to me that she was done.  20.04.2013

Big Ive-isms on the subject of her upcoming 3rd birthday (mostly all said on 09.04.2013, the day before her birthday)

“I wanna open my birthday.”
I want to open my birthday presents.

“I have a flower birthday.  I have a polka aught birthday.  Another one polka aught birthday. Und I have a fish birthday!”
I have a flower birthday present, a polka dot present, another polka dot present and a fish present!  (I had wrapped and placed a few more after she went to bed so she was super excited about all of the presents on top of the bookshelf.)

Me: “What do you do on your birthday, Big Ive?”
Big Ive: “I open my BIRTHDAY!” (I open my birthday presents!)

“I want my birthday.”
I think she’s saying she wants her presents because she doesn’t seem to understand that a whole day is her birthday, not just the presents.

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[daily life] language

“I ‘member baby fwogs in da office, Mamma.  Swim! I lub a swim in da office.  Krocodiles, Mommy.  Where da Krocodiles?” -Big Ive 27.02.2013
This was said after asking what an illustration for a tadpole was.  Krocodile is the combination of the English and German words for crocodile/Krokodil.

“It’s beautiful outside.  Look at all the colors in the sky.” -Big Ive 16.02.2013
This was said while we were driving in thick fog with lots of snow on the ground.

“See all da skofe comin’ off da cookie?  See all da skofe?  Burns myself.  I have ahtch out.” -Big Ive 22.02.2013
See all of the steam (hers is a mixture of ‘smoke’ and ‘steam’) coming off of the cookie?  See all of the steam?  It’ll burn me.  I have to watch out.

“Mamma, stay you eyes out.” -Big Ive 22.02.2013  This was directed at me when she was sitting on the toilet and I was standing in the bathroom waiting for her to finish.  Apparently she needs her privacy when doing her jobs.

“She’s a licah nady.” -Big Ive 22.02.2013
She’s a nice lady.  ::  It took her a few times of throwing this one out of her mouth before we could understand what was being said.  This is for Ms. Mary, our friend from church.

“Big Ive’s busy.” -Big Ive 22.02.2013
Big Ive is dizzy.  (after spinning in the living room with dad)

“I like balsamic, Mamma.” -Big Ive 23.02.2013

Lavendader (lavender) -Big Ive 24.02.2013

Little E was ‘reading’ a book.  When she closed it she said, “Amen.” 25.02.2013

“Birds da not get da Lawlix.” -Big Ive 04.03.2013
She was commenting on the birds flying away from the lion character, Alex, on Madagascar III.

“I wanna play ball soccer, Momma.  I wanna play ball soccer.  Ball soccer.”  -Big Ive 04.03.2013
I wanna play with the soccer ball.  I wanna play soccer.

“We don’t hit people with cows.” -Big Ive 05.03.2013  Said with a very straight face.  While holding a toy cow.

“Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Eleventeen.” -Big Ive 06.03.2013

“Eleven.  EE-twelve.  EE-thirteen.  Eleven.” -Big Ive, on the walk home from Kindergarten afternoon of 06.03.2013

“Big Ive, what do you think I got at the store today?”
“Nope. Try again.”
“Watermelon.” -Big Ive 11.03.2013

“Alright! Beer!” -Little E 11.03.2013  Said as LOML was bringing a case of beer into the house.

“Ring around the rosie, pocket on da tuna, atches atches, all fall down! That’s all it’s about!” -Big Ive 12.03.2013

“I wanna sing you another book.” -Big Ive 13.03.2013

“Where my fasipier, Mamma?” -Big Ive 25.03.2013
Where’s my pacifier?

“The floor get me wif my head!” -Big Ive 25.03.2013
She was playing with some boxes and feel down hitting her head on the floor.

“I wanna full of chocolate on a spoon, Mamma.” -Big Ive 27.03.2013
I want a spoon full of chocolate cookie dough, Mom.

“I want ___________ mag.  I want __________ mag.”  -Big Ive 01.04.2013
Fill in the blank with whatever it was she wanted — me, a drink, a toy, etc.  Mag is a conjugated form of the “to want” verb.  So she was saying “I want ________ I want”.

“Mochte kiss, Mamma?  Mochte kiss?” -Big Ive 02.04.2013  [Mochte is pronounced mosh-tuh, with the o like oats.]
Would you like a kiss, Mamma?  —  This one is interesting because she use the “I would like” conjugation of this verb and not the “you would like”.  She’s starting to put them together, though.  It’s a good thing I know a little about German because I would have absolutely no idea what she was saying otherwise.

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Little E’s first day of German Kindergarten

This afternoon (well… Monday 25 February 2013…when I started this post) was Little E’s first day at German Kindergarten.  And true to that saying of your first born getting all the photos and subsequent children getting none?  Well, I managed to take ZERO photos of Little E at the Kindergarten today.  Thinking about that makes me feel guilty and like a terrible mother.  Oh, well.  I did remember my camera — and to take photos! — the second day.

Let’s get on to the happy part of this post, shall we?

LE_pointing_1dayKgd-20130227A little Haferflocken on her face after eating the snack.

LE_carrytoy_1dayKgd-20130227There was lots of toy dragging / moving / relocating going on.

Little E did really well this afternoon.  She went from 1-2:15pm.  She was paired with a teacher who speaks very little English, which was interesting.  That teacher is just as nice as the rest and loves all of the children just like the rest, so it’s not a problem . . . just an interesting pairing.  She has told me a couple of times that she learned English in school, but since she didn’t use it much she forgot how to speak a lot of it, although, she does understand much more than she can speak.

Little E was SO EXCITED to go to school.  She walked right in like she owned the place.  Started to take her jacket off mere seconds after the door closed (exactly like what we do with Big Ive in the mornings).  I had put her in slip on shoes because we drove up there.  She knew regular shoes weren’t supposed to be worn and had to remove them quickly, as well.  Guess that means I’m getting her some new Hausschuhe.  [[New orange Hausschuhe on the second day were a hit!]]

She was very happy to walk room to room, but kept coming to check on me sitting on the ‘Mother’s Bench’.  It might be better if Big Ive is there to help guide her around.  Big Ive has been sick so we’ve kept her home from school 3 days so far.  She had to go eat her snack we brought, just like Big Ive does every morning she goes to school.  A few times Little E has sat at the kitchen table and eaten snack in the mornings with Big Ive, so she was familiar with it.  LOML remarked that she seems to be doing things and hitting milestones about 6 months ahead of Big Ive.

LE_kitch_1dayKgd-20130227Sitting with the big kids eating her snack.  She thinks she IS a big kid!

I asked her to go find a cow, thinking she would go over to the area with the animal toys.  No.  She went over to her little bag we brought that has a cow on it!  Smart kid!

Coloring on the first day.  Painting on the second day.

LE_stamps2_1dayKgd-20130227I lost track how many times she tried to climb this shelving unit.


LE_coloring1_1dayKgd-20130227She’s one of those kids who scribbles all over the paper with whatever color they grab.  Big Ive was never like that.  It is so different to have a kid who does not carefully color on a paper.

LE_painting_1dayKgd-20130227She wasn’t terribly fond of the painting.  She started to get alarmed when she got paint on her fingers.  The teacher tried to reassure her it was ok, as she had paint on her own fingers, but Little E was wary.  The painting didn’t last long.

The third day we got to school at 9am.  We got her settled and then I told her, “I love you. Tschüss!”  She hugged me, watched me leave.  I came back an hour later.  They said she did good.  She would play for a big, then walk to the door and cry a little.  Go back and play with something else, walk to the door and cry a little.  Big Ive did the same thing, the teachers said.

I am not worried about leaving her at the Kindergarten.  They have been treating Big Ive really well — she loves to go to school.  You can see how much they love and care for the children there.  There is no doubt that they feel the same for my girls, too.

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[daily life] language

I am fascinated by the language development in my children.  I often find their trial English (and German) sayings hilarious.  Also, it is very interesting to try to phonetically spell these crazy words when your child uses sounds that do not appear in the English language.  Sorry if you are bored of my journal-entry-blog-posts on my children’s language development.  I get a kick out of the things that come out of their mouths every day.  If I don’t write them down right away I forget.  Some of the funniest things I can’t even recall to email LOML during the day or tell him when he gets home from work.

“Beeb-up.” -Little E 16.02.2013
You would have a very hard time trying to figure out this one without the accompanying actions.  She is saying, “Sleeves up”, and trying to pull her long sleeves up.  Every time she says it I have a 2 or 3 second delay for my understanding.  And then I crack up.

“Big Ive goes night night.  The sunnyshine goes to bed, wake up in 2 minutes, then go to Big Ive’s Kindergarten.” -Big Ive 18 & 19.02.2013
This has been Big Ive’s bedtime speech ritual the past 2 nights.  I tell her that she needs to go to bed and that when the sunnyshine wakes up we can go to school to see her friends.  She is very precise on saying she will sleep for 2 minutes. [[Also, sunnyshine is very similar to the German word Sonnenschein, which, obviously, means sunshine.]]

I tend to call most children ‘friends’ when telling Big Ive and Little E who we are going to see.  Usually we don’t come across children that aren’t known to us (either we know the kids or I know the parent and we are meeting the kids).  I do this so she is more at ease when we meet new people or see children she hasn’t seen in a long time.  Consequently Big Ive has been referring to all children she sees as friends.  Kids on TV — friends.  Kids at church — friends.  Kids walking along the street in whatever village/city we’re in — friends.  While I don’t think this is a bad thing for her to view all people as friends, I am worried that as she grows up a little more it will become hurtful.  Will learning the ‘meaning’ of the word friend hurt her when she is not included in a group of people she thought were friends?

“I want hello Frau Landlady.” -Big Ive 19.02.2013
I want to say hello to Frau Landlady.  Said while walking home from school that afternoon.

The past couple of weeks Big Ive had been on a birthday kick.  She’ll often say it is her birthday, or Daddy’s birthday (never mom’s birthday, though).  At dinner tonight she was singing, “Jesus lub us, to you”, to the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’.  21.02.2013

Little E used the word ‘tired’ correctly today and I understood it when she said it (which might be the greater accomplishment!).  When I was putting the girls to bed I taught her the German word for tired, müde.  She was saying it with a VERY American English accent, which was cute and funny.  21.02.2013

As I was picking up Big Ive from Kindergarten this afternoon she told me one of her friends spit on her.  “Charles* spit me.  Charles spit my shirt.”  Charles and his mother were still there getting ready to leave so we had a talk about it.  He didn’t confess and he didn’t actually say he didn’t spit on her, either.  No big deal either way. 21.02.2013

LOML asked Big Ive a couple of nights ago how her day was at school.  She said, “I play with friends.  I play with teachers.  I play with toys.”  When asked what she ate for lunch she said, “I eat supper.”  I think she says this because they have a hot, cooked lunch, which must be what she equates our supper as at home since I cook in the evenings, while lunches tend to be sandwiches or leftovers.  19.02.2013

*Names have been changed, obviously, as I try to keep this a semi-anonymous blog.

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[daily life] language

“You want Big Ive’s yorgit, Daddy? You want Big Ive’s yorgit? – 14.12.2012  Big Ive said this as LOML came downstairs.  She was offering him her breakfast yogurt.

“I want pitabutter. Wif spoon on it.” 05.01.2013 She was trying to say she wanted a spoonful of peanut butter.

I wanna carry ya.
Carry ya (because Elsie knows now that I respond to that request she asks all the time.)
I have no idea how to spell E’s version do orange.
Auntie, saying it and recognizing her while she sleeps

As I was putting Little E into her car seat she farted. And then she said, “I heard that”. LOML always says that to Big Ive when she farts. I guess Little E picked up on it, too. 06.01.2013

“See it, da fwags, in da window?” = Do you see the flags in the window? 10.01.2013

“It’s hab polka oughts on Schuhe.” -Big Ive 13.01.2013
It has polka dots on the Schuhe (shoes).

“Kan-kuu. Welcome.” -Little E 15.02.2013″Thank you. You’re welcome.”  She says this almost every time we give her something.  Instead of just saying ‘thank you’ she always has to say both thank you and you’re welcome.  She’ll do it in German, too: Bitte, Danke.

Half of the time Big Ive refers to her Aunt Leah as Uncle Leah.  She is also working on sorting out how to correctly use pronouns — he/she, her/his, mine/yours.  A super cute thing she still says (incorrectly) is, “I wanna carry you”.  This actually means I want YOU to carry ME.  I think she says it that way because we would ask her, “You want me to carry you?”

Sometimes Big Ive speaks in third person and sometimes it’s first.  This whole language development is fascinating to watch.

On Tuesday (12.02.2013) we walked up to Big Ive’s Kindergarten in our village to say hello to the teachers.  She heard German being spoken (obviously) and a couple kids and a teacher spoke to her in German.  That night she brought a big German children’s book over to me to read.  I can fake read German to an extent.  I don’t know exactly what I’m reading but I can mostly sound out words and pronounce them right.  Well, those 2 activities got her jump started back in German mode.  She then grabbed a little book (can’t remember if it was German or English) and started ‘reading’ it with her German babble.  LOML was home and we both kind of stopped what we were doing because this was more than just German babble.  This was a mush up of more German words than we had ever heard from her before.  The kid had been seriously holding out on us!  There were quite a few real German words we could recognize.  It was awesome.  She had been away from German speakers for 2 months and then hears a couple sentences and decides to bring it all out.

“Atches, atches, all pall down!” -Little E 15.02.2013
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!  Ring Around The Rosie has become a favorite in our house lately.

“Go! Go! On ‘denture!” -Big Ive
“Go! Benshure!” -Little E
‘I wanna go, go, go, go on an adventure, the thingamajigger is up and away. Go, go, go, go on an adventure, flying with the Cat in the Hat today!’ — It’s a song from the TV show, Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That.  The girls love it.  I sing this song when we’re getting ready to go somewhere.

Playing in the snow on the back terrace this morning.

IMG_2453 (1)

IMG_2452 (1)


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Discovering Big Ive & Little E version 1.0

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister and the girls to a department store.  We were looking around at things, she was looking for a belt.  Little E was sitting in the single umbrella stroller while Big Ive was roaming free.  She was wandering about and I was trying to keep up with her to prevent any displays from toppling or other sort of mischief.  This meant a lot of “Big Ive, don’t do that.  Big Ive, where are you?  Big Ive, please stop touching that” was said.

Well, this older lady walks up to us — she must have been in her 60’s — and asks what Big Ive’s name is because she had overheard us while she was shopping.  I told her the name.  She stops, gets this misty look in her eyes and says, “My mother’s name was Big Ive.”  It was super sweet.  We chatted for a minute and then I introduced her to Little E, saying something like, “And this is Little E.”  Her jaw dropped and she put her hand on her heart.  She was completely dumbfounded hearing that name and told us her mother’s best friend for over 40 years was named Little E.  She was thrilled beyond belief to discover a new generation of best-friend sisters named Big Ive and Little E.  She couldn’t wait to tell her family about it.

It brightened her day and learning about that definitely brightened our day, too.

A little bit later in the same store after shopping a little bit more…

We were in the checkout line paying for our items when Big Ive mentioned the Cat In The Hat display with plush Cat toys.  She has lately begun to be very interested in the Cat In The Hat TV show on PBS.  She was so excited to see those and desperately wanted one.  Being the mean mother I am (just kidding…I’m actually a pretty good mom), I told her we couldn’t buy one today.  She was a little sad, but not heartbroken.  I rarely buy character merchandise for my kids and almost never buy plush toys (that’s another rant there…maybe sometime I’ll share that thought process). “Ich habe kein Geld.  Tut mir leid.”

Anyway, a gentleman in his 60’s was behind us in line.  He tried to use his discount coupon for our purchase but the cashier didn’t want to do that.  When he heard Big Ive asking for the toy he said, “I’ll get one for her.  If she wants it, I’ll buy it.”  I thanked him profusely and told him a number of times that it really wasn’t necessary and she really didn’t need to have it.  He said, “I never had a Cat In The Hat when I was a kid.  I want to get it for her.”  And after the cashier rang up his items he told her to put it on his bill.  Big Ive was handed Cat and she said a big thank you to the man.  She was thrilled beyond belief that she got the Cat In The Hat toy.

Oh, my, you should have seen that kid the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Everything she did had to involve Cat.  We walked across a parking lot and I told her to hold my hand.  “Cat In Hat hold Ive’s hand.”  So she had to walk holding my hand and Cat’s hand.  Cat had to sit with her in her car seat.  “Cat In Hat sit wif Ive.”  She even had to go to bed with him.  This might not be a big thing for some kids, but Big Ive has never been a kid to be attached to an object.  She didn’t have a specific blanket or toy or soothing thing (other than the binkie).

BI_CatHat_20130125A slightly sick little girl loving on her Cat In The Hat while watching cartoons.

I’m thankful for a heart-filling day.  I’m thankful for meeting sweet strangers.  I’m thankful for my children who provide wonderful opportunities to meet people I probably would never meet had they not been loving, curious children who like people.  I’m thankful for older, wiser people.  And I pray we instill in our children the gift of loving people of all ages and recognizing everyone’s importance.

Makes my heart smile.  : )

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NaBloPoMo Day 29 – [daily life] train village, re-fried beans, tractors

The train village.  LOML’s handiwork while Little E (a.k.a. Godzilla) was taking a nap.  It was mere minutes after she got downstairs until it was entirely destroyed.

Cute village with cars parked on the street.  Don’t worry, the animals are in pens/behind fences.

The forest.

“Bears love. milk.” -Big Ive, said while watching Madagascar 3, the scene where we meet Sonia the bear.

Lately she’s been asking to go to bed when she is tired.  If we don’t move fast enough she goes to the sofa and lays down and falls asleep in minutes.  But then I get her up to bed and she tosses and turns forever.  Oh, well.

I fit 4.5 dozen Russian Teacakes (a.k.a. Mexican Wedding Cakes) on a cookie sheet tonight.  I don’t know of many other cookies that you can fit that many on one pan to bake.  It’s a great dough, too, because it’s just butter, flour, nuts and a small amount of sugar.  Hopefully our German friends like them.  They don’t tend to like things that are very sweet, so I think these will work.

I taped 3 diaper boxes together and taped the Christmas tree stand to it to place it behind the TV.  There was no way I could have kept the kids away if I put it on the floor or the coffee table.  Now I just need to buy a power strip for the strings of lights.

The tree reminds me of my sister.  She was here last year when we set it up and decorated it.  This memory reminder is on top of washing a little glass Nutella jar that she bought in Paris.  Silly things that remind you of people and times in the past.

We walked into the school and Big Ive yells out, “Guten Morgen!”  I’ve been trying to get her to say good morning or just morning when we walk into the school every day.  It usually takes a lot of prompting.  She finally got it and said it by herself before I could even say it when we walked in the door.  :)

Little E put her tennis shoes on her feet by herself for the first time yesterday (28.11.2012).  They were on the wrong feet, but she did it without any help. She has started putting any article of clothing she finds around on her body somewhere.  Sometimes it is the correct way, but most times not.  She was trying to put a pair of pants on last night and she put one foot in the foot end of a pant leg and then she crammed the other foot in.  And then she tried to stand up and show off.  That’s when she fell hard onto her butt, on a small wooden cow.  She’s getting good at getting adult-sized socks on.

Little E is talking up a storm.  I can get her to ‘perform’ a few words for people just about every time.  And you can totally tell what she’s saying.  I’m sure I understand a lot more than most people since I’m around her all day.  She has started to be good at using signs now, too.  Go figure, now that she can talk she chooses to sign.  To her, it seems like the sign is just a part of how you say the word, though.  At least it appears that way when I watch her.

I think this was refried beans.  Oh she was a mess.  That highchair was a bigger mess.

Big Ive decided to bring one of her tractors back downstairs the other day.  LOML said, “But how will she farm upstairs now?”  It was hilarious.  I guess farming is only a downstairs activity now.

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NaBloPoMo Day 28 – [daily life] German acquisition stories

Monday (26.11.2012) when I picked up Big Ive from Kindergarten one of her teachers told me she is starting to say things in German.  She was in the kitchen asking for something.  The first teacher didn’t understand what she said.  The second teacher said, “I think she’s asking for a little spoon.”  Big Ive was saying ‘kleinen Loeffel’.


As I was getting the girls dressed yesterday morning Little E was playing with a simple animal noise app on the iPad.  It says, “A monkey makes this sound:” And then they play a monkey noise.  It’s the exact same for all the different animals and vehicles it has photos for.  Little E helped me discover a couple weeks ago that you could change the language setting.  Somehow she had managed to put it on Japanese.  I changed it to German (duh).  So this morning when Little E hit the Krokodil (crocodile) I started singing the German Krokodil kid’s song.  Big Ive instantly knew what it was and automatically put her hands together to make the motions for the song.  She knew this one from school.  It made me smile.  I only knew the first 2 lines of the song, unfortunately, but that definitely makes me want to learn more of these German kids songs.


Last week Big Ive started saying, “Guck mal!” to us when she wanted us to look at something.  I had heard it spoken before but didn’t know the spelling, so I asked a band member.  She “Guck mal”s us all the time now.

Big Ive’s teacher told me today that she had said Guck mal during school today.


There are always a lot of “NEIN!”s being thrown around the house when both girls are home.  Little E has even started to say it because Big Ive says it so much.


Big Ive is good at babble in between English words she knows to make it sound like she’s saying complete sentences because she feels there should be more said.  She is doing the same thing with German babble.

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