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[daily life] language

“I really don’t like without holding him.”

-Big Ive 10.04.2015 meaning she doesn’t like not being able to hold the baby.

I’ll put it in something special … called a potato.
-Big Ive 14.04.2015

Maybe there’s a rat in the little door. Or a baby monster or alien.
-Big Ive 18.04.2015

Me, too! Me, too! I tried one lasterday and my grandfather told me I could have one!
-Little E 09.05.2015 referring to ginger ale on the flight.

The song Paprazzi turned into Papa Roxie, according to Big Ive. “I know the song she sang to her Papa Roxie. Papa papa papa Roxie.”

Me: what are you doing, Little E?
Little E: making a booby track.

When you cut down a tree and you see the round thing that tells you how old the tree is. It’s a bean-stomp.
-05.06.2015 Big Ive. A tree stump mixed with bean stalk.

Cactuses have a sense of skin.
-Big Ive 13.06.2015

I know bullseye. It’s giddy up in German.
-Little E 28.06.2015

Me: we bought a kiddie pool for the backyard.
Big Ive: but it’s only for humans.

Big Ive, stop talking my words!
-Little E 04.07.2015

Sometimes the trees are little little little
Little little little
Little little little
Sometimes the trees are big big big
Sometimes the trees are dead dead dead
01.08.2015 Little E, sung to the Wheels on the Bus

More ringles, please. (Pringles)
-Little E 09.08.2015

“That thing you have to squeeze and open to make music.” What is it? An accordion.
-Big Ive 09.08.2015

Mom! Ants go in line with what they do.
-Little E 20.08.2015

Laser eggs!
-Little E 22.08.1015 laser rays.

Little E playing doctor on me: “let me check your knee-flexes. Let me check your heart-beep again.”

Sucker cup (suction cup)
-Big Ive 03.09.2015

“Every people is a person, right, Mom?”
“Maybe we can have a playover someday,” Little E said to Tarzan, a preschool friend. Like a mix of play date and sleepover.

Big Ive said, “Germany is called Englischland.”

Ich bin die Katze. I am a cat.
Ich bin die Schnecke. I am the snail.
Ich bins der Rabbit. I am the rabbit.
-29.08.2015 Little E reading a German book to herself.

Everyone do that on my planet.
-15.10.2015 Little E.

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NaBloPoMo Day 30 – Last day of the month

  • I would normally be excited for Movember to end, however, LOML will not be shaving his moustache in the  morning.  He is going to keep it until we see his family for Christmas.
  • This is the last day of NaBloPoMo.  I’m happy I participated.  I don’t think I will keep up with a blog post each day, but it was a really good thing to get me back into the swing of documenting the daily life memories for me and for our family and friends far away.  I hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our lives this past month, and into my crazy thoughts.
  • “Martha Speaks” came on TV this morning and Big Ive said, “Dats my Marfa! Dats my Marfa!”
  • Big Ive didn’t want to give LOML a kiss before he left for work this morning.  I told her I’d cover up his moustache wiskers.  She contemplated that and leaned in for a kiss, when I removed my hand and LOML turned his head so he could give her a good whisker scratch.
  • Tomorrow we get to start our Advent calendar.  This year’s calendar is another Kinder chocolate one.  LOML picked it up in France last weekend.
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NaBloPoMo Day 29 – [daily life] train village, re-fried beans, tractors

The train village.  LOML’s handiwork while Little E (a.k.a. Godzilla) was taking a nap.  It was mere minutes after she got downstairs until it was entirely destroyed.

Cute village with cars parked on the street.  Don’t worry, the animals are in pens/behind fences.

The forest.

“Bears love. milk.” -Big Ive, said while watching Madagascar 3, the scene where we meet Sonia the bear.

Lately she’s been asking to go to bed when she is tired.  If we don’t move fast enough she goes to the sofa and lays down and falls asleep in minutes.  But then I get her up to bed and she tosses and turns forever.  Oh, well.

I fit 4.5 dozen Russian Teacakes (a.k.a. Mexican Wedding Cakes) on a cookie sheet tonight.  I don’t know of many other cookies that you can fit that many on one pan to bake.  It’s a great dough, too, because it’s just butter, flour, nuts and a small amount of sugar.  Hopefully our German friends like them.  They don’t tend to like things that are very sweet, so I think these will work.

I taped 3 diaper boxes together and taped the Christmas tree stand to it to place it behind the TV.  There was no way I could have kept the kids away if I put it on the floor or the coffee table.  Now I just need to buy a power strip for the strings of lights.

The tree reminds me of my sister.  She was here last year when we set it up and decorated it.  This memory reminder is on top of washing a little glass Nutella jar that she bought in Paris.  Silly things that remind you of people and times in the past.

We walked into the school and Big Ive yells out, “Guten Morgen!”  I’ve been trying to get her to say good morning or just morning when we walk into the school every day.  It usually takes a lot of prompting.  She finally got it and said it by herself before I could even say it when we walked in the door.  :)

Little E put her tennis shoes on her feet by herself for the first time yesterday (28.11.2012).  They were on the wrong feet, but she did it without any help. She has started putting any article of clothing she finds around on her body somewhere.  Sometimes it is the correct way, but most times not.  She was trying to put a pair of pants on last night and she put one foot in the foot end of a pant leg and then she crammed the other foot in.  And then she tried to stand up and show off.  That’s when she fell hard onto her butt, on a small wooden cow.  She’s getting good at getting adult-sized socks on.

Little E is talking up a storm.  I can get her to ‘perform’ a few words for people just about every time.  And you can totally tell what she’s saying.  I’m sure I understand a lot more than most people since I’m around her all day.  She has started to be good at using signs now, too.  Go figure, now that she can talk she chooses to sign.  To her, it seems like the sign is just a part of how you say the word, though.  At least it appears that way when I watch her.

I think this was refried beans.  Oh she was a mess.  That highchair was a bigger mess.

Big Ive decided to bring one of her tractors back downstairs the other day.  LOML said, “But how will she farm upstairs now?”  It was hilarious.  I guess farming is only a downstairs activity now.

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NaBloPoMo Day 28 – [daily life] German acquisition stories

Monday (26.11.2012) when I picked up Big Ive from Kindergarten one of her teachers told me she is starting to say things in German.  She was in the kitchen asking for something.  The first teacher didn’t understand what she said.  The second teacher said, “I think she’s asking for a little spoon.”  Big Ive was saying ‘kleinen Loeffel’.


As I was getting the girls dressed yesterday morning Little E was playing with a simple animal noise app on the iPad.  It says, “A monkey makes this sound:” And then they play a monkey noise.  It’s the exact same for all the different animals and vehicles it has photos for.  Little E helped me discover a couple weeks ago that you could change the language setting.  Somehow she had managed to put it on Japanese.  I changed it to German (duh).  So this morning when Little E hit the Krokodil (crocodile) I started singing the German Krokodil kid’s song.  Big Ive instantly knew what it was and automatically put her hands together to make the motions for the song.  She knew this one from school.  It made me smile.  I only knew the first 2 lines of the song, unfortunately, but that definitely makes me want to learn more of these German kids songs.


Last week Big Ive started saying, “Guck mal!” to us when she wanted us to look at something.  I had heard it spoken before but didn’t know the spelling, so I asked a band member.  She “Guck mal”s us all the time now.

Big Ive’s teacher told me today that she had said Guck mal during school today.


There are always a lot of “NEIN!”s being thrown around the house when both girls are home.  Little E has even started to say it because Big Ive says it so much.


Big Ive is good at babble in between English words she knows to make it sound like she’s saying complete sentences because she feels there should be more said.  She is doing the same thing with German babble.

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NaBloPoMo Day 27 – vocabulary

I get a daily email from Merriam-Webster online with a vocabulary word to learn (in English).  Sometimes it is a word I remember from high school English class vocabulary and it transports me back in time.  Sitting in my high school’s desks with the plastic chairs attached, looking at the whiteboards, willing the time on the TV monitors to go faster, thoughts of homework and essays and what will be happening with friends later.

It’s funny how a single word can trigger so many memories.  The same with a slight whiff of a long-ago remembered scent.  Or a sound that you haven’t heard in years will bring you back to that place.  I still remember the sound the front door would make at the house I grew up in.  That musty basement smell brings me back to Minnesota every time.

I wonder which sounds will remain with my children as they grow.  Will it be a silly door creak like I remember?  Or will it be the clang of blocks?  Or something else I can only imagine?

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NaBloPoMo Day 26 – a Saturday without Mom

LOML took the girls to France for a quick day trip on Saturday.  There is a nice French grocery store about an hour away from our house.  It’s big and has a great selection of things we can’t get in Germany.  LOML is in love with their wine section.  We joke that there is a reason why the Germans are so willing to mix their wine with half sparkling water whereas the French would never even joke about doing such a thing.  Shows the differences in quality and styles of wines from next-door neighbor countries.

He also picked up fresh baguette and a selection of fantastic French cheeses.  We are already sad at the thought of not being able to get fresh, real French cheeses when we move back to the States.  It’s not like we love those kinds that have a horrid stench and taste to match, but we have been stepping out of our comfort zones and trying cheeses we normally would simply avoid.  LOML is definitely more adventurous than I am.

The baguettes are divine when they are fresh the first day.  And they quickly go to “Eh” the second day even if stored in an airtight container.  But we had more than a half left yesterday after I got home so we made 2 different kinds of appitizers.  One was a simple baguette crouton with cheese, salt, pepper and olive oil.  Toasted in the oven and yummy.  The second was baguette slices with chevre (goat cheese…I had to look it up to see exactly what it is) cheese, salt, pepper, cranberry balsamic vinegar drizzled on top after toasting and finished with a slice of pear.  So good and so simple.  Big Ive loved both of them.

LOML joked with his parents via Skype that he had to get the kids out of the country on Saturday because they were cooped up in the house.  : )  I love that man.

And any trip to France is not complete without the purchase of macaron cookies.

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NaBloPoMo Day 25 – Coming home from my weekend away

“I wanna look a mirror, Daddy. I wanna show you, mirror.” She wanted to see the barrette I put in her hair.  Instead of taking her to the bathroom upstairs with the mirror he turned on the camera on the iPad so she could see herself.  Then she asked again to see herself and ran over to his iPad.


I got back from my rehearsal weekend to joyous children.  Big Ive ran up the stairs yelling, “It’s my Mommy! It’s my Mommy! My Mommy is here!”  Little E shrieked and started to vibrate, like you do when you are clenching your hands tight.  LOML and I thought for a few seconds that she might blow up or something.  It was hilarious.



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NaBloPoMo Day 24 – conversations in my house

More conversations heard in my house . . . because it’s easy blog post fodder.


Big Ive: Mommy! I gettin’ c-all! I gettin’ c-all! I want Custers. (Mommy, I’m getting cereal! I’m getting Cereal. I want Clusters.)

LOML: Just so you know those are Shreddies and not Clusters.

Big Ive: I gettin’ Sheddies.


Little E was whining for food this morning.  Big Ive comes up and says, “Nicely, Little E. You gotta ask nicely. Bitte.” All while signing please in ASL.


Big Ive has discovered the YouTube app on the iPads.  She is just looking for new cartoons to watch, but we have found that she’s stumbled upon some not quite so kid-friendly cartoons.  We are removed that app today.

She found the Mickey Mouse Club House video and its “Hot Dog” theme song.  So now she (and LOML) and walking around doing a little dance singing, “Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.”  Hers comes out more like, “Hot dot, hod gog, babblebabblebabblegity gob.”


Bringing a snack container to me, “Put on it. Put on it, Mommy.”  Meaning, put the lid on this for me, please.


“Little E is cute.  Little E is cute.  Goofpy butt.  I love you, Little E.  I love you.” (Goofy comes out more like goopy.)


Present.  Big Ive’s present.  For Big Ive’s birthday.  It’s my birthday!
Sorry, kid, you’ll have to wait another 5 months for your birthday.


Handing back the snack container she stole from her little sister, “Happa birday! Happa birday!” (Happy birthday.  For some reason she’s obsessed with birthdays.  Maybe they have a bunch at school and the celebrate.)


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NaBloPoMo Day 23 – The beginning of a rehearsal weekend away

Again, another short post just so I can say I posted today.  Tomorrow I am going with the village band to another town about 45 minutes away for a rehearsal weekend.  [[I wanted to type this, “Tomorrow I go with the Verein…”.  The German grammar is infiltrating my thoughts!]]  It should be a fun weekend.  If I wasn’t already immersed in the language this weekend will seal the deal.  I hope the girls are good for LOML.  This will be the first time I will be away from them for more than a whole day.  Just a day and a half.  Plus, it’s not like I’ll be hours away with no phones.  I’m thankful he lets me be a part of this band.  He knows it makes me happy and one of the multitude of reasons I love him is because he wants me to be happy and lets me / encourages me to do things like this.

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NaBloPoMo Day 22 – Happy Thanksgiving!

For all those American’s celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.  May you be surrounded by friends and family and enjoy some good food, wherever you may be and whomever you are with.

For all those Germans, happy November 22 to you.  May your Thursday be good.  :)

I think this is the first Thanksgiving I haven’t spent with my family (one side or the other).  And right now I am ok with that, not sad.  But I mostly think that is because this is not a holiday in Germany so there has been no advertizing, no decorations at the stores, no one asking me about my Thanksgiving plans.  Autumn decorations went up in the stores about the beginning of October and then Christmas decorations came into the stores the beginning of November.  This is the second Thanksgiving in a row that LOML has been away from extended family and friends.

I met some people in my German class that invited us over to their church for a big group Thanksgiving (with lots of Germans in attendance).  It was a nice, simple dinner.  Our girls got to play with the other kids.  LOML and I were able to chat with some adults in between wrangling children.  And we were able to leave without a meltdown from either child.

I am thankful for my husband, my girls, our families and friends back home, our new ‘family’ here in Germany.  I’m thankful for this experience, hard as it can be at times.  I’m thankful for growth — even the painful kind.  I’m thankful for my trials, as they are shaping me into a better, more loving person all the time.  And I’m thankful for my God that has provided me with immense and seemingly countless blessings my entire life.  I am overwhelmed when I start to think about everything in my life and how incredibly blessed I am.

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