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LOML and I chat often about how we feel here in Germany.  Usually, it’s on drives around here while the girls are occupied and can’t get into too much trouble.  This past car ride chat stuck in my head.  It boiled down to a single word: bittersweet.


That’s how we feel about living here in Germany.  We have grown to love this area and these people so much these past 9 months, yet, we desperately miss home and our people that are still there.  We are starting to get a foothold into service and volunteer work here and, yet, we feel guilty about leaving such needy and important tasks that we were helping with and making a difference in peoples’ lives back at home.


It hurts to think that we will have to leave these people that our hearts have grown for.  It hurts to think about leaving the amazing and breathtaking green hills of Germany.

It hurts to be away from family and friends while having amazing new people in our lives, kinda’ like we’re cheating on our peeps.

It’s crazy that a person can be filled with such conflicting emotions.  How can my heart love 2 lands so much?  How can my heart grow to love even more people?

I think God made us to be able to love and keep learning to love more and more throughout life and its changes.  And LOML and I keep coming to the realization that we need to choose to be content with where we are now, not focusing on being sad about the past or sad about the eventual future.  We need to be open to God’s path in our lives right now and let Him write this story of our lives. Because He writes a far better story than I could ever imagine.

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Easter 2012

It started with us waking up and finding a couple of easter baskets out on our front step.  LOML asked his co-worker (who was with us that weekend) if he had put them there.  Then he asked me if I had put them there.  Nope.  It was our wonderful Landlord.  They put out 2 plates with real moss and real grass — not that fake plastic stuff — with real hard boiled eggs, colored with onions.  Also, lots of chocolate candies, a small toy for Little E and a big sand beach toy set for Big Ive.  It was a hit.

Big Ive has just gotten up so she still has puffy sleepy eyes and a whole mess of bed head. I thought it was adorable.

Then we went to church.  Easter service was good.  Big Ive stayed in the toddler room without any issues.  Little E fell asleep after I fed her so I was able to sit and enjoy the entire sermon.

Big Ive sitting on the floor at church during the music before we took her to the toddler room. 

I had LOML take this shot of me and Little E during church.  He gave me a look, but I knew there would be no other shots of me today so I made him. 

We took a detour on the way home from church and found the wild animal park.  We made plans to come back on Monday if the weather was nice.  It wasn’t.  So we didn’t go.  Some day we’ll get there.  It’s only a 15 minute drive from our house (gotta love GPS!).

Afterward we came  home, opened the easter baskets from LOML and me and other goodies my parents had sent over.  I’m not sure how much chocolate Big Ive had to eat that day.  She was H.Y.P.E.R.  I have never seen her like that before.  She was almost literally bouncing off the walls.  Maybe not the best parenting move to let her eat so much.  We figured it was only one day; she normally doesn’t get chocolate every day, nor anywhere near that amount.  She took a nap at some point (I think…I can’t remember now).  When LOML took his co-worker home that night near bedtime I asked him to take Oh Chocolate One with him.  He reported back that she was chattering away to herself for half of the 40 minute ride over and then fell asleep and didn’t wake until he got home.

Also not the best parenting move: letting your baby gnaw on a foil wrapped chocolate bunny and only realize when she has chewed through the foil and is eating the chocolate. 
She was pissed when I took it away from her.  Thankfully I didn’t find any foil pieces in her mouth.

Then we had an easter egg hunt on the back patio.  LOML hid all of the colored hard boiled eggs in our flower and lettuce pots for Big Ive to find the eggs.  We asked the Landlords to come watch because they like our kids.

And then I cooked Easter dinner.  We had herb dry rubbed pork tenderloin with garlic cloves stuck in it (what’s the right term for that?), green bean casserole, French bread, foi gras, butternut squash soup.  It was a really good dinner.

Only the French bread and butter got a photo.  I forgot about the rest of the food.  Oops!

So, yes, I know that just about all of my photos are of the “Hallmark” kind of Easter — goody baskets from the easter bunny, egg hunt, chocolate overload.  But that’s not the big celebration of our Easter.  The bigger celebration was church and celebrating our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I was most excited about that celebration; going to church to celebrate with our big extended church family.  This Sunday, and Christmas, are the biggest church holidays and I love them.  I love the planning that goes into both days with advent and lent.  It is an awesome preparation time for me to really think about and remember all that my Lord has done for me.

Now that Big Ive is starting to understand more and can comprehend the bible stories, I am excited to tell her about it and have her see for herself in church.  It was Maundy Thursday or Good Friday and LOML and I were putting Big Ive to bed, so we said our prayers.  I told her about why that day and the weekend was special.  She looked like she understood.

It was hard to not be with my whole big extended family this Easter.  Just about every single holiday we would all always get together.  If there wasn’t at least 20 of us there, it seemed like we had a lot of people missing.  I miss my big crazy extended family.  Maybe Big Ive won’t remember this one, but I hope to have lots of these holidays WITH my family so she’ll have that kind of a memory, too.

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Things I Will Be Missing Back At Home This Year

Arizona’s Centennial.  AZ turned 100 on Valentine’s day.  As a student in AZ for 16 years I longed for this centennial.  For years I sat in public school classrooms daydreaming of being there for the centennial, happy that my state was so young that I would be able to experience this when it had happened to most other states decades ago.  I think most other school children did, too.

And then I lived in Germany at the time.  Doh!  To celebrate, Big Ive and I made a paper AZ flag to commemorate the day and I wore my ASU shirt.  (ASU shirt doubled as a special Valentine’s Day attire for LOML as we met at ASU and he bought me that shirt.  How sweet.)

My older brother’s 30th birthday.  It is his golden birthday, 30 on the 30th.  And I missed it, too.  And I got his card in the mail about a week after his birthday.  Little sister fail.

My little sister’s 21st birthday.  My youngest sibling will finally turn 21.  (That means all of us kids are getting old!!!  Agh!!)

She was my nanny for about a year and a half with Big Ive and then with Little E.  Dangit.  I miss her and I’m sad I won’t be there to celebrate in a month’s time.

My high school reunion.  Strangely, I have been looking forward to my 10 year high school reunion for a long time.  I still can’t believe I graduated from high school 10 years ago.  That means I really am getting older.

LOML and I threw around the idea of going back home at that time so I could attend, but it happens to fall when the biggest concert is for our village band so I definitely can’t miss that.  Bummer.

A friend’s wedding.

My nephew was born.

Those are the ones I can think of right away.  I’m sure there are more big events I’m missing back home this year that make me sad to be here.  Not to mention the countless dinners with family, various other “small” holidays, birthday parties for friends, get-togethers, etc, etc, etc.

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Things I Miss From Home

  • black beans
    ED 08-Jan: We found a can of black beans in the “international” isle of the grocery store in another town.  Stay tuned for details of what they’re like.
  • baking soda
  • carpeted stairs
  • availability of options for everything
  • oodles of family and friends mere seconds away
  • dry ingredient measuring cups (I forgot to ship US measurement ones)
  • my parent’s laundry sink for bathing babies
  • house plants
  • Schroeder and June

I’m sure there will be more as time goes on.

Family and friends are a given.  Obviously.

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